Well, according to what they keep accusing us of, this last post in Facebook gets the sobriquet:

CSGV Ferguson

So they finally see the dangers of an unchecked government. The Luddites (Followers of Ladd Everitt) are suddenly more papist than the Pope:

Josh Mitchell And white people never have to worry about the police violently dispersing their peaceful protests. White people had plenty of protests during the Iraq war and you never saw military weaponry being deployed in their residential areas. The people of#Ferguson deserve not to be treated like prisoners in their own homes.

CSGV insurrectionst

Isaac Smith I watched it on TV and I could not believe my eyes, this is America not Cairo or Kiev. Who ever order the Police to respond like that needs to be fired.

Don Bevirt Welcome to the machine…

Vicki Ross The people in your community must not be treated like the enemy by local police!!!!!

Glenn Thompson Thanks for being for the new police state. Be careful what you wish for Melissa

Dan Moore It has nothing to do with hanging someone. The whole point is that peaceful protestors were attacked by heavily militarized police and now they are arresting reporters trying to cover the story. Do you not understand the necessity of a free press, or are stormtroopers attacking citizens OK with you?

Charles Perry Taylor What are these law enforcement people thinking….escalation!

And there were a couple of comments on the following vein:

Salvador Santibañez Sánchez But why the well armed right wing extremist at Bunty’s ranch got away while threatening local and federal law enforcement officials? Why they didn’t send the helicopters, armored military style vehicles and the riot police with tear gas? Why? WHY? Can someone please give me an explanation?

If you cannot figure the answer….

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “There is a New Insurrectionist group in town: The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.”
  1. Wait on damn minute. Isn’t it the wish of Ladd and company that only the police be armed? Then they object when the ones they love so dearly use those arms against protesters (rioters and looters)? Sounds like they want to have their cake (and yours and mine) and eat it too.

    1. Yep, they’re just a little too optimistic that the police will never turn on them, even though history repeatedly shows otherwise. Which is what I can’t understand, you’d really have to lie to yourself to ignore every example for government abuse throughout human history. What makes them think we suddenly perfected a system where that can’t happen?

  2. And white people never have to worry about the police violently dispersing their peaceful protests

    2 thoughts on this —
    First, Ever see the police response to the Bundy/Bunkerville situation — yeah, people did worry about it.
    Second, violent sometimes begets violence; The conservative/TEA Party protests (not all white) didn’t become violent, either from within or outside agency — so the police had no excuse to employ violence.

    Compare that to the Ferguson protests, to the Occupy (Insert City Name Here) Protests.

    Bob S.

  3. White people don’t have to fear? Have they forgotten how in Boston after the bombing that it was largely white neighborhoods where the police roamed with APCs, doing a war patrol on their streets, suspending all of the BoR’s for expediency?

  4. They forget, lies are to hard to remember.
    And they race bait, proven by the comment regarding Nevada.
    And they absolutely refuse to admit any tea party protests are non violent. (Would be fun to watch if they did tho, I always love the scene in movies when the sun comes up, and the vampire goes, poof!)

  5. Has anyone pointed out to them the utter hypocrisy in complaining about how the police are responding to people “exercising their First Amendment rights” when this exact response is what they insist on calling out on anybody at a TEA Party or Open Carry event?

    Or asked if that level of response A-OK for “gun nuts”?

    (Or bothered to point that if the “violent right-wing anti-government extremist gun nuts” were getting actively involved against the police, most of the officers wouldn’t make it home – due to well-disciplined rifle fire – so maybe those “TEA Party insurrectionists” aren’t as violent, anti-government, or extremist as they thought?)

    1. well, the people beaten up and gassed can always peacefully redress their complain even if it takes 50 years…those killed may have a wee harder time

  6. They’re only upset because those people are black. If it was white gunowners they would be praying to there lord and master/god Obama to kill all those pesky gun owners. Like what’s going to happen in Connecticut after the election.

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