So there was the first shots of the infighting within the NRA… and not really the NRA. Here is a letter from Wayne La Pierre and I want you to read it.  Here are a couple of extracts that are worrisome if true:

This shit if true is pure blackmail and despicable.

Let’s put aside the argument that La Pierre has lost its effectiveness for a minute. I want you to think about this: Ackerman McQueen is  NOT the NRA, they are subcontractor, the hired help if you wish. Your card says NRA, not Ackerman McQueen. It is NRA-ILA and not AM-ILA.

As a private company, their bottom line is money. So if the think the lawsuit its gonna affect their income or maybe they being financed by other entities not so much in line with the Second Amendment, it would explain their actions.

Once again, if there is truth in La Pierre’s letter and this coup was attempted by an outside organization, there is something very wrong going on and it is not going to help the NRA or the fight for the Second Amendment.

Be VERY careful what you wish for.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “There is something rotten in Indianapolis.”
  1. Now I’m totally confused.

    I assumed that Wayne was buddy buddy with the AckMcQ, but apparently no one likes Wayne.

    But as you have said “if true”.

    I think that this is probably a bit of infighting by the “grifter wing” of the NRA.

    I think the antis have poked a weakened soft spot in the organization that has been left to fester for at least a decade or more.

    I don’t know exactly what to do about it with the info that’s publicly available, but Adam Kraut had a few ideas when he was running for a board member seat.

  2. Honestly, if this outs North I’m happy. I don’t get why they picked someone as controversial as him for org president.

    We need to find someone like Charlton Heston again. He was a paragon of virtue, he marched for civil rights with MLK, he was popular as an actor.

    I know finding a celeb who is pro gun is hard, but we could use someone with less baggage than North.

  3. I’m not sure if this is a Stalin vs Hitler fight or a Chamberlain vs Hitler fight. But either way, AckMac has got to go.

    I agree with J- I always thought North as the President was odd.

  4. Why believe AM is Pro Gun?
    Why shouldn’t they take the money as long as they can and then run?
    Are there working with the Enemy behind the scenes?
    Are they fancying themselves a Intell type agency?
    AM could very well be running a OP.

    I can prove nothing, and I trust No One that doesn’t have more to loose than me.

    Life has become a Hall of Mirrors
    Nothing, is real, Nothing is fake
    Everything is Power…
    And as the saying goes…..


  5. Asked this question at OldNFO’s, which pointed me in this direction.

    Is this Dan Boren the son of David Boren, the recent University of Oklahoma President? David was a Senator for Oklahoma, and Dan a Representative for Oklahoma, both Democrats. It could be argued that Oklahoma Democrats should not be judged as national party Democrats. David’s time at OU shows him to have firmly aligned with the National Democrats. David endorsed Obama in both elections, as well as a number of other suggestive acts.

    If this is the same Dan Boren, he and his father are probably best understand as Democrat Party loyalists, with deep ties to the party as an organization, regardless of ideology or current management. Given the obstacle second amendment activists currently pose to the Democratic Party, it is unlikely that former representative Dan Boren would make such a decision without regard for the partisan benefit.

  6. Okay, then, the son may be acting as a catspaw for the father, or the father’s character may have bearing on our understanding of the son’s character.

    So, Oklahoma politics inside baseball time.

    1921 Tulsa race riots. Huge historical event, kept very quiet during certain times and places. White woman alleged a black man had raped her (and later recanted the story. I believe it was a false allegation.) Impatient or perhaps seizing on the excuse persons started a riot, burned down a number of buildings, and committed a number of murders. We are certain of thirty, and maybe as many as three hundred. Oklahoma at the time was run by Democrats, and the riot would have served the purpose of terrorizing Republican tending voters away from political activity. Silence about the riot would have intensified this, imagination creating horrors worse than even the actual reality. The government of Oklahoma was complicit in this silence until the past twenty or so years, and Boren was actively holding office for the Oklahoma Democrat Party during that period.

    Folks will say that the Democratic and Republican Parties switched places, at some time usually unspecified because less testable. We can be pretty sure that this was not ever true of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, because of a Gene Stipe or Stipes. If you wiki him, you would, or would’ve once they memory hole it, find that he started public office in the thirties. If you find the right newspaper articles, you find that the feds caught up to him around twenty years ago, and he had the pull to get the sentence reduced to community service giving advice to the state legislature. Oral history tells that he was quite substantially influential in Oklahoma politics. He is significant, because his career spans the usual switch times, and because given the influence, and oral history, we can be fairly confident that he was comfortable with corrupt white supremacist politics. To my knowledge he remains a Democrat. If you’ve been in Oklahoma for some time, you know current Democrats who were Democrats back in the seventies, and eighties, or earlier.

    So, for these reasons, David Boren’s claim of having been outright sickened by the ‘racist singing’ at the fraternity is not credible. I am impeaching Boren’s character, not defending the fraternity. Likewise, the oral history of Boren’s early anti-gay push on OU campus is context for his later systemic appointment of pro gay ideologues, and push to suppress anti gay speech.

    He very likely is without strong ideological principles, lives in the society of Democrat politicians, and is skilled at organizational manipulation.

    I don’t have any opinion on the internal politics of the NRA. That Dan Boren makes the claim inclines me to be greatly suspicious of his credibility. But then, maybe that is what he wanted me to think.

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