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This is a popular talking point, that if you don’t affirm transgender children’s gender and promote their transition, you are literally killing them by driving them to suicide.

Now consider that in the context of these passive-aggressive threats.


If stopping kids from transitioning is killing them, then that’s a threat to their lives, a threat they feel is justified countering with violence.

The rhetoric only becomes more aggressive after that.




See, if you even question transitioning, you deserve violence for being a transphobe.

My tinfoil hat is telling me that the weird reaction to the Nashville school shooting is to push the Overton Window to the point where when a trans person or ally kills a “transphobe” it’s justified.

They have to murder you to save the trans children from your forcing the trans children to kill themselves.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “They are moving the Overton Window to justify murder”
  1. I saw another a week or so ago w/ a abceieio colored mongoose carrying a dead snake w/ the caption ‘I’ll tread where I want”.

    Personally I see the whole ‘trans activists supporting child murderer’ backfiring on them w/ public support.

    1. That is an arm brace with out the straps, I have the same one. So YES that would be considered an SBR in today’s modern atf…
      Just for the record- mine is in a junk drawer. i have a REAL stock on my AR that IS an SBR..nice how liberals think aint it? You don’t agree so you deserve death…. But if We the People say anything we are promoting violence… whatever…

  2. Ah, the beauty and innocence of LARPing.

    If not for Leftist/Prog prosecutors, the Big, Bag, antifa ™ would find that real life is NOT a video game where you can reset and start over.

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