I get email alerts and sometimes you get links to sites that are less than even keeled and the members of the crew are all wearing big white sweaters that makes them hug themselves. So I get this article by some weird woman saying that the NRA Has Declared War On America (Or I am butthurt that I cannot get that many people to my Birthday party) I make a comment and hilarity ensues.

trolling is fun 1

I had to laugh hard. Did this moron ever stop to think and maybe rephrase his statement? I mean, the option to edit the comment is available in that site. He didn’t so I had to reply:
trolling is fun 3

Apparently he did not like my reply:
trolling is fun 2Life is good… 🙂

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

24 thoughts on “They are their own worst enemy (Trolling for fun and profit)”
  1. No, but my AR-15 with 30 round mag would work wonders on the ground pounders that keep the A-10 in the air.

    Gah, these people are more idiotic than…than….I got nothing. They’re just idiots.

        1. Just gonna mount it in the back of my pickup truck like I saw in Black Hawk Down.

          In all seriousness, as I learned at WLC, if you can’t fight the tanks, you can certainly fight the fuel trucks that keep the tanks moving.

          Not saying Civil War 2 will happen or anything, but I always get a chuckle over how the assorted liberal commentators seems to think that the massive blunt instrument that is the U.S. military will be able to just unilaterally squash any resistance.

          1. 1) I wouldn’t mind a truck mounted 30x173mm cannon. Would make driving through Chicago a lot easier.

            2) I have always noted the hypocrisy or cognitive dissidence among liberals in how:
            -much they hate the military,
            -little they support the troops,
            -they push the misinformation that the military is made up of mostly poor kids who are too dumb for college or have no other future prospects,
            -the US military is immoral and soldiers are sick people who just want to kill
            -the US military commits acts of racist genocide
            -the US needs to be more peaceful


            when it comes to turning US troops against American Republicans/Tea Partiers/Conservatives/Gun Owners, then the liberals become the biggest “kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out” war hawks.

            God forbid the .gov drops a JDAM on a terrorist training camp instead of arresting and trying in a court of law a bunch of people who attacked America, that’s a war crime. But if the .gov violates every article of the Constitution and drops a JDAM on the Indiana Convention Center during the NRA meeting, that’s totally ok by them.

  2. Well done Miguel, what tickles me is the believe they are so cutting edge bright and if they throw in lots of fowl slurs, they are one up on you.

    Stay the good course Miguel, truth is always refreshing.

  3. I’ve known people for YEARS and not found out they carried until much, much later.

    Owner, yes. Carrying? Not a clue. So I doubt this guy realizes just how many gun owners he lives within a hundred yards of. I know I wouldn’t be vocal about it if I knew he was nearby.

    I’ll fully admit that my most powerful gun wouldn’t do anything to the average piece of military hardware. But I was thinking about this not long ago.

    Planes have pilots. They have ground crews. They need fuel.
    Pilots need rest and food and a place to sleep. So do ground crews and command personnel. Food needs to be grown somewhere and delivered. Fuel needs to be delivered. Delivery means vehicles and convoys. Vehicles and convoys have drivers.

    Pilots, ground crews, personnel, and drivers all have friends and families. These families have friends. You can’t just up and relocate all possible relatives of your personnel to a “safe” compound.

    Vehicle convoys and fuel pipelines are vulnerable to attack. Guards are vulnerable to attack. Military make up the lion’s share of pro-gun Conservative voters.

    You want to declare war on the US civilian population?

    That’s what we call a “logistical nightmare.” What forces you have who DON’T immediately defect due to ideological differences will be worried for their lives, their families, their friends. Any loyalists you manage to keep through all that are going to be vastly outnumbered and facing a military force that’s invisible, unwilling to make compromise, and which contains members with as much military training as anybody in your own forces.

    Composed of people they seem to think enjoy going on killing sprees against hardened targets and are sadists to the core.

    1. Tanks in particular (a favorite they like to trot out), need a lot of maintenance to keep moving. I’ve also heard that good marksmen can take out the cameras and other sensors, and even break the treads in some cases.

    2. These are people that have no concept of what criminal violence is other than what they see on TV. Civil war violence? Does not even register. They think that people will be on selected locations and dressed according their sides of the issue so that makes them easy targets. Also that all weapons are surgical capable of taking out the enemy that is standing next to you without any collateral damage.
      Blame video games?

  4. Last I checked the mujaheddin, while possessing none of their own, have been facing off against equipment like Mi-24’s, Su-25’s, A-10’s, Apaches and so forth since 1979. If 35 years of that kind of hardware hasn’t wiped them out I think it’s safe to say the oft-used argument of tanks vs. rifles doesn’t hold much water.

  5. […] Our opponents continue to misunderstand the nature of conflict. Most of the time the powers that be don’t want you dead, they want you compliant. It’s like a kid that doesn’t want other people to play with his toy. He can accomplish that by breaking the toy, but then he doesn’t have the toy anymore. […]

  6. Every time I read this meme in the various formats I keep getting the impression a new civil war of the nanny-state vs. the Free-state is a fantasy they have.

    Creepy when you really think about it.

  7. oh please, that lily livered result of a dalliance between a drunk and drugged out college sorority girl and a donkey can’t string insults together to save his life. Which is probably just as well since I’d sooner see the possibly college educated little twatwaffle drop dead from a stress induced blood pressure explosion of the brain.

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