This doofus pulled out the pepper spray in the store he went into because a manager wasn’t wearing a mask.

The manager was on duty and kept his cool.

Out in the real world this guy deserves to have his keychain defender taken from him and used to administer a pepper spray enema.

Remember that they asked to be treated civilly and with respect for wanting to continue to wear their masks now that the mandates are lifted.

I guess they never intended that to be reciprocal.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “They asked for tolerance but give none”
  1. Sparky there thinks he’s so bad ass but Karma is a harsh mistress. LOL!
    Someone is gonna force-feed him that can of pepper spray… rectally if he’s lucky. Via new bodily orifices if he’s not that lucky.

      1. “You’re going to jail and paying full retail for toilet paper.”

        “You’re honor, in this economy, paying full retail for TP surly constitutes excessive fines and is unconstitutional.”

  2. That’s a Costco.

    Check Costco’s Membership Privileges and Conditions. Scroll down to “General Policies” and look at the second-to-last item: “Costco policy prohibits firearms and other weapons to be brought into the warehouse, except in the case of authorized law-enforcement officers.”

    Costco has called the cops to arrest people otherwise-legally carrying concealed firearms. No warnings, no asking to leave. An employee briefly saw the gun and called 911, and the cops responded and arrested the guy.

    Pepper spray is a weapon, and that old guy didn’t look like any kind of LEO, let alone an “authorized” one. And he was brandishing it and threatening store employees who were following the law. I heard him telling them to not come any closer, that they were “threatening [his] life”, but I’m sure Andrew Branca would agree, that fails the Reasonableness test.

    Kudos on the store employees who kept their cool and de-escalated until he left.

    [EDIT:] And as Steve Brown says above, having his membership revoked should be the least of his problems.

    1. In Texas, if the place of business doesn’t have a legally required sign prohibiting guns at the entrance, their policy manual doesn’t mean shit. If it ain’t prohibited, it’s legal.

    2. That policy must be selectively enforced. I’ve seen open carry in the Costco in Huntsville. I guess they must allow managers to use discretion in some states.

  3. The idea of someone threatening the staff at work like that infuriates me. I’d be sorely tempted to apply a sap upside his head from behind.

  4. It looks like his mask is of the cloth barely-useful variety. What a schmuck.

    A TASER hit might be justified to protect the employees, though. Less-than-lethal to less-than-lethal. Just sayin’.

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