I saw this on the Twitter.

Yeah!!!  WOLVERINES!!!

Just like in Red Dawn after those kids defeated the Soviet invasion of the United States with poster board signs and cardboard cutouts…

Maybe that was the 2012 remake which I refused to see.

In the original 1984 movie the I grew up with, the “WOLVERINES!!!” thing went a little more like this:

Red Dawn is about as pro-gun a movie as has ever been made.  It stirs the part of the American soul that is left in us from our Minute Man forefathers.

The whole idea of Red Dawn is American gun owners defending their homes and families from tyranny.

Then there is that sad sack of protesters.

The election of Donald Trump is not a Russian invasion of the US, and handful of protesters carrying signs that say “traitor” is not a guerrilla resistance.

I may see the word “WOLVERINES” but all I hear is a sad sounding fart.

These people don’t understand what tyranny really is.  The don’t understand gun culture.  They don’t understand the movie Red Dawn.  They don’t understand what it is to be American.  They don’t understand a damn thing.

This is protest is to sad and pathetic is makes the idiots who dance around in velour vaginas look cogent, and that’s saying something.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “They can’t prove they just don’t get it any harder”
  1. One detail I remember from Red Dawn is where the invaders send soldiers to the gun stores to “collect the Form 4473s”. Someone clearly understood that the purpose of background checks is to feed registries, whose purpose is to support confiscation.

  2. When I followed the link to twitter and read the replies to the original tweet, I was encouraged by the number of replies that were critical of the kids in the protest. Not only was the choice of the Wolverines analogy not well thought out, but their seemingly tacit support for a socialist movement in fact makes them the real traitors in this situation.
    While we support their right to speak out, we find it frightening that they seem to be totally oblivious, if not totally ignorant, of the real dangers of socialism. Perhaps they need to visit with students that are dieing in the streets in the name of freedom in socialist hell holes like Venezuela or Nicaragua

    1. That’s not real socialism. Apparently real socialism is perfect and paradise has never been done.

      That possibly it can’t be done never seems to occur to them.

      1. I think Socialism can be done.

        Just look at an ant colony or bee hive. Every ant pulls together and works to support the queen and her one shot drones. That is Socialism to me. Mindless workers toiling constantly for something bigger than themselves, namely one fat assed queen. (Hmmm… Hillary and the DNC, with Bill as the drone that only lives to copulate?)

        Yes, I think you can do Socialism, you just have to be a mindless insect.

  3. On an aside, as to your point about the 2012 remake of Red Dawn, I have been to the dark side and have watched it, several times in fact. Bottom line: It’s like any other good remake / reimagining. It’s good, but I’d say about 90% to 94% as good as the original. In the same fashion that Red Dawn was better than quite a few of the 80s action movies, same with the ’12 remake of Red Dawn for its era. If you can find a copy in the bargain bin, it’s probably worth snapping up if you have a couple bucks available.

    The new version is more urban setting, rather than the wildlands of Colorado, and has a bit more blatant subplots of personal conduct than the original did but overall is fairly true to the fighting the commies aspect of the original. The conclusion of the movie is a bit less decisive, but the buildup to it is just as good IMO. And, rather surprisingly, it also includes a case of stress puking after an ambush (first gun battle for the guy, IIRC).

    As always, your mileage may vary. Have a good day!

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