They will never take away my Air Rifle.

They just need to rebrand it into something scary and then ban it.

And now to the part of the story that is relevant(Bold is mine):

Officers went to Apartment 1602 and found two men — Concepcion De La Ros and Daniel Alvarez — inside, the report said. Officers also found a black, scoped pellet rifle inside, the report said.

Man on balcony kills passing dog with ‘sniper rifle,’ police say

If unchecked, these sniper rifles will be in everybody’s hands and soon enough we will have terrorists downing 747s full of orphans on their way to Disney World.

Let’s do it for the puppies!

Update: The Miami Herald did only a smidgen better, it is just “a rifle” for them.

And amazingly, the Sun Sentinel published the most accurate headline.



7 Replies to “They will never take away my Air Rifle.”

    1. Admiral Farragut might have said if first (at least in Naval terms): “”The best protection against the enemy’s fire is a well-directed fire from our own guns.” …So true.

  1. Preview of things to come. If your rifle has a ‘scope, you are a heartless assassin and killer of innocent puppies. Only the military should have telescopic sights!

    Anyone who kills a puppy from a second floor balcony has serious mental health issues, and may be a potential serial killer. That doesn’t mean that the rest of us are, but that’s how we will be portrayed.

  2. The guy who shot the puppy in the face deserves the same treatment only with something a bit stouter than a pellet gun, but this sure smells like the kind of angle that scrappycrow and Nuke Road Warrior are talking about. First step to closing the air gun loophole (as they’ll call it).

    1. I’d nullify that jury.

      DA: “So Mr Graybeard. A man shot your puppy in the face with a pellet gun and you blew his head off with a 45? That doesn’t seem reasonable at all, now does it?”

      Me: “NOT GUILTY!!! Shoot that sumbitch again!!!”

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