By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

14 thoughts on “Things I endure for shooting.”
  1. I have that same s&w .22! Has a red dot on it. We take it out and shoot the stems off daisies. I have over 200k rounds through it. I have replaced the internals twice already but dang! that thing doesn’t quit. Barrel is still accurate, hardly any wear at all. I have had that little pistol forever, and it has taught several dozen people how to shoot. Great little shooter!

  2. Have a litter-mate to that stainless K-Frame; groups nicely with nearly +P level LSWC loads, though just a bit left ( which means, holding dead center will do just fine).

  3. Oh Miguel –
    Cleaning time is fun time! You get to take out these little beauties, take them apart, examine the fascinating mechanisms, and enjoy the sweet smell of Hoppe’s and CLP.

    And you have it easy. I’d send over my Luger for cleaning, but it’s frustrating to put it back together. And we don’t mention disassembling the Ruger Mk II.

    But any opportunity to take down a Garand, Enfield, Mauser, or K31 is a joy.

    No, I’m not kidding. My wife comes home from her late shift and knows, when the kitchen table is covered with rags, paper towels, q-tips, and the place smells of solvent and Hoppe’s. Good times. Even the Luger isn’t really too bad. The only real cussing is the Mk II, and I’ve only taken it all the way down once. That was enough.

    1. Bah!

      The pre-Mk4 Ruger .22s are easy enough to work on.

      The only annoying thing is the mk3 magazine safety. It throws a bit of a wrench in working on it.

  4. You use gloves? Part of the “fun” is to have your hands smell like Hoppe’s #9 & CLP for a week after cleaning the pew-pews. 😉 😀

    1. Also, “clean” ammo really helps. So far in my experience, the cleanest is Speer Lawman Cleanfire (even the fired cases look clean on the inside); American Eagle Syntech is also pretty good. Others (e.g. Winclean) I’m less impressed with, but generally still less dirty than regular ammo.

  5. If you dislike cleaning firearms after a day at the range,
    you will hate cleaning up carboned up suppressors with lots of angles and internal corners –
    and oh yes, just for more fun, they can’t go into the ultrasonic cleaner –
    It’s brass brush, CLP, cleaning cloths, and Q-tip time

  6. At least you get to clean yours indoors. MomRed (She, Who Will Be Obeyed) requires all gun cleaning to be done outdoors. I’m waiting for it to get back above freezing.

      1. I cleaned my black powder .50 cal hunting rifle in the shower once. ONCE. Nearly ended in divorce! That black stuff from the barrel in the tub doesn’t come off easily!!! and the sulfer stank to heck and back.

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