My Jew-sense starts to tingle when politicians talk about going door-to-door to look for people not in compliance with government edicts.

Having a hard time putting my finger on it but this feels like it’s setting a very bad prescient for something.


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By J. Kb

27 thoughts on “This feels like a dress rehearsal for something worse”
  1. Golly, I can’t imagine what you might be thinking of.
    (Hastens to bury the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator on someone else’s land. Starts looking up “how to alter my mitochondrial DNA.”)

  2. They’re trying to avoid saying they’re making it mandatory for now but are actively pushing workplaces/schools to make it mandatory.

    It won’t be long. Especially once the ‘Delta Variant’ panic starts setting in.

    1. A lot of places in my area were looking to make it mandatory but many of them hit the brakes when OSHA issued their “guidance”. Once OSHA said that (paraphrasing) it was a reportable if an employer mandated the WuPing Coof gene therapy and an employee had an adverse reaction.

      When the bosses figured out they’d be on the hook for any “side effects” for the stuff that everyone else got blanket immunity for, they changed course and just tried to “incentivize” everyone to be a lab rat.

    2. Hasn’t the vaccines been demonstrated effective against the Delta variant? I think it is the Lima variant that is causing panic today. Should be the Barcelona variant next week, probably the McMurdo Station variant next.

      1. It has. But now the latest is that the “Epsilon variant” can evade vaccines. But the same article I saw that talked about this variant also suggested it’s been in circulation in America for almost a year. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines work, and recent studies suggest the protection could last years, possibly a lifetime.

        They are trying, desperately, to keep people afraid. But they’re too late. I bet they really, really wish that they could go back and get the CDC director to keep her mouth shut, and not rescind mask mandates. Because now there’s no going back. Covid is over.

    3. I’m curious as to how many door-to-door canvassers will be exposed to the Plumbum Variant? Not advocating, just wondering.

  3. My place of employment has not (yet!) Made it mandatory. Should they do so, I’m actively considering the “AMF!” option

      1. In Matthew Bracken’s “Enemies foreign and domestic” you can find the notion of bringing illegal aliens into some sort of SS type armed forces, with immediate citizenship as the hook. Citizenship and the chance to play with M-60s could be a nice incentive for MS-13 gangbangers…

        So far, it seems that the other side has not yet picked up on those novels as reference manuals, the way they have done with Animal Farm and 1984. I worry about the day when they will. (That, and some of his short stories like “Raoul X” — which comes to mind every time there is a particularly “conveniently” timed spectacular murder.)

        1. I like Bracken, but he’s a bit ahead of the curve. My understanding is that most the current vaccine door knockers aren’t Federal employees, they are just random groups that have been recruited to do the work, and they consist mostly of service organizations, religious groups, and other various volunteers. I saw it written elsewhere that for the Left, everything is racist, and for the Right, everything is a conspiracy. Might be some truth to that.

  4. Is it a “Solzhenitsyn Moment”, yet?

    Because, it’s beginning to feel like a “Solzhenitsyn Moment”.

    Everybody in favor of ” …burn(ing) in the camps, later…”, open your door!

  5. It’s really not funny, but your comment made me wonder if you were bitten by a radioactive Mel Brooks!

    But knocking on doors is not a good thing. I’m not particularly fond of the expansion of the Capitol Police to Florida, either. I’m baffled why others aren’t concerned with this encroachment of the federal government,

  6. I’m gonna go all “reverse Jehovah’s Witness” on them. Invite them in to hear about Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ — at great length and in excruciating detail — and sing psalms with our kids (half of whom are sneezing and/or coughing at any time … not sick, just allergies, but the .gov workers don’t know that).

    And I’ll offer them a glass of Kool-Aid, but I won’t take one myself or let the kids have any (WAY too much sugar and food dye!).

    Basically, if they’re not itching to leave our house without ever discussing vaccines, I’m doing something wrong. 😀

  7. They need to push really really hard to get the vaccines out there. Turns out there are very effective treatments for COVID-19, and as soon as a treatment shows up, the EUA for the vaccines needs to be rescinded. (If I understand correctly).

    That is, in my opinion, why Fauci and crew did everything they could to poo-poo any non-vaccine treatment. If something was proven to treat the disease, the pharma companies would lose out on MILLIONS.

      1. I suspect Orthodox Jews already have (see “Jew without a Gun” by Robert Avrech, and look at JPFO). Reform ones appear to be leftists first and Jews a far distant second, so they are not taking precautions.

        1. I have seen JPFO, and I applaud them heartily, and yes, you’re right; reform ones are leftists first. Unfortunately the Democrat propaganda machine shows only the leftist Jews.

  8. As I was pondering the latest vid from Awaken With JP, a light bulb came on.
    Where will the blue states get the manpower?
    Campaign operatives. The vaccine-evangelist door-knocker group will have right around 100% overlap with the Democrat get-out-the-vote door-knocker group.
    They’ll keep the team together, and practice their ground game in the off year. Probably just happen to have some voter-registration forms along with them, and of course they’ll be updating their naughty-or-nice lists.

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