12 Replies to “This has to be a troll, then again they are stupid.”

  1. I saw that “carry handle on the rail” thing a lot in pictures of our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. If your optics go screwy the BUIS are right there ready to hand. So y’know, not really stupid.

    1. Assessment from my 10 yr old
      1. Carry handle on front rail.
      2. Airside flashlight on handguard
      3. Airsoft sight on top
      4. Nerf grip with button to charge launcher
      5. Flash hider painted black

      Homeschool…. gotta love it.

  2. gun owners should give those anti gunners a class on guns just to show them that they are nowhere as bad as they seem to think.(I messed up I made the assumption they could think,sorry guys thought I was helping.

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