This is a Tweet from Buzzfeed News:

And the screen grab for posterity just in case they delete it:


If you can stomach the video (YouTube link), it’s 9 minutes and 44 seconds of hip and cool Che.  Not Che the mass murdering, rapist, psychopath.

Buzzfeed News is millennial news.  I grew up being told about the horrors of the Cuban Revolution by the grandparents of my friends in Miami.

They are all dead now and the story being passed on about Che isn’t the monster who shot their family in the streets and had his thugs execute people against a wall.  The story being passed on is this shit.

This is pure, unadulterated evil.

It’s no all a loss though, in honor of this I renewed my CCW for another five years and bought another 1911.

Let the next wave of millennial Che wannabes try and LARP his revolution here in the US.  This isn’t Cuba.  We’ll shoot back.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “This is Buzzfeed”
  1. I actually read his book on guerrela warfare and his book about his African adventures. Let me tell ya, as a revolutionary he was really good at growing a little wispy beard… and that’s about it.
    I wish someone would do up a shirt in that faux-Socailist Realism style they use for the Che shirts, with George Washington or one of the other founders on it… and on the back, the legend “SUCESSFUL Revolutionary”.

    1. This. I’ve met a number of people that have read (or watched) “motorcycle diaries” but not a single one had read the Congo or Bolivian diaries. The Cuban diaries are almost not worth reading as the “College of Che Studies” edited it heavily since the other two make him look so bad.

  2. Thing is, all his acts you learned about that make his evil clear? Those are what the left REALLY admires about Che. They love that he was a mass murderer. He did what they dream about.

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