Drake State hosts free STEM Bootcamps for teens this summer

Drake State Community & Technical College is giving local teens an opportunity to learn this summer as they announce free educational programs.

The school says the STEM Bootcamps will give students a chance to develop new technical skills that could lead to science and engineering careers.

Among the lineup of summer classes are Machine Tool, Engineering Design and Welding. In fact, the school says the response has been so overwhelming that more boot camps have been added this summer.

That sounds really cool.

If my son was older I think he would love that.  Hell, I would love that.  Summer camp in machining and welding would be awesome.

The Drone course is for ages 14 and up. Starting on June 25, students can learn the basics of unmanned flight, safety, an overview of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and hands-on exercises in basic drone operations.

That’s even more awesome.  A summer camp where you can start to learn to be an FAA rated drone pilot.  How ridiculously cool is that.

In Systems Engineering, teens 15 years and older can participate in hands-on simulations of rockets and spacecraft to demonstrate STEAM principles in a fun and stimulating day-long adventure. The Systems Engineering Bootcamp begins on June 25.

What budding aerospace engineer wouldn’t love that?

These free boot camps are sponsored by NASA’s Minority University Research and Education Project.

Drake State says all racially or ethnically underrepresented students (Hispanics and Latinos, African Americans, American Indians, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders) and female students are eligible.

And there it is.

This is sponsored by NASA and a public college, both are taxpayer funded, but fuck you white man if you think you will be sending your boys to this free STEM camp.

You have too much privilege.

Even if you’re working class and/or Bidenflation is kicking your ass and you have a hard time affording to send your kids to camp, your sons don’t need any help or support.

Maybe it’s good that they shouldn’t be allowed to go to STEM camp, it will keep them from getting their hopes up that they will ever have the opportunity to succeed.

It’s no secret that Google has a “white men need not apply” policy.  More and more white men feel that diversity programs in STEM and tech companies are discriminating against them.  And we know that the official policy of the DNC for its IT department is “no straight white men,” which mirrors the way the Democrats handed out COVID relief.

Too many white men launched rockets into space two generations ago so now white boys don’t need to be included in any STEM related activities, I guess.

Naked discrimination like this, especially by taxpayer funded resources for children, won’t cause any social backlash.

Teenage white boys who would love to go to STEM camp but are told they they are not welcome will be perfectly adjusted and not hold any resentment or feelings of social isolation.

It’s not like there is a morgue full of corpses in upstate New York caused by a white young man who was socially isolated and left alone with nothing but feelings of hopelessness and the internet to radicalize him.

Let’s keep trucking along with advertising awesome sounding programs and then telling white boys it’s not for them and they can fuck right off to sit at home all summer and let their minds rot playing games online.

I don’t see this ending badly at all.

Great job guys.  Really fucking spot on.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “This is how you create a white identitarian movement in STEM and tech”
  1. Yeah, it was awesome until… THAT.

    Did you note that they slipped up and let “STEAM” in there? Gotta subvert STEM by including “arts,” you know. To be inclusive, I guess.

        1. STEAM? Got to let the Liberal Arts PhDs in on the grift too. The politicians give out our tax dollars for Math and Science don’t realize they are actually going to Commie Sexual Groomers in the Teachers’ Union.

          Isn’t there a Civil Rights Organization that will sue all these blatantly racist programs?

  2. I’m not sure why you’d do simulated rocketry rather than actual rocketry. Building and launching model rockets is a perfectly suitable activity for 15 year olds.
    Meanwhile, the NASA administrator needs to be nailed with a major civil rights violation lawsuit. I suppose we should not be surprised about this; the current administrator is a seriously worthless former Florida political hack.

    1. I lived in Florida when that son of a bitch was one of the senators. To call him a political hack is an insult to all the actual hacks out there. He was such a useless collection of molecules that the Senate and federal SES are probably the only places he could have possible ended up.

    2. You can do both. For instance, use a simple computer program to calculate whether a given design of rocket should be aerodynamically stable (center of gravity fore of center of pressure), unstable (CG aft of CP) or neutral (CG and CP at the same point). Use program to design one of each. Launch one of each and see what happens. (The latter two with a decent standoff distance… guess how I know that.)

      1. Very good point. Theory guiding practice is a whole lot more effective than unguided practice. It’s just that I was bothered by the notion of playing with computers to make pictures of rockets, without ever sending one up for real. And that is *especially* important when dealing with teenagers.

  3. I DO NOT understand how these White Discrimination Policies stand.
    (Please dont flame me, I get it)

    Why can’t The shop I work at put “No Browns Apply” then?

    What I am sayig is…
    Has any of this Bull Shit ever been taken to Court?
    Where does the Repube-lickers stand on this?
    Why have they not HAD HEARINGS? 😂
    ACLU….??? 😂😂😂😂😂
    Hey NYT,CNN,PMSNBC, Media..How come NO Stories on White Straight Discrimination?😂😂😂😂😂😂

    I know it’s not funny btw.
    It’s Damn Disgusting AND I Redirect you to my first sentence.

    “This Is WRONG ! Period! Full Stop!
    “all racially or ethnically underrepresented students (Hispanics and Latinos, African Americans, American Indians, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders) and female students are eligible.”

    This IS RACISM, Guised as HELP, a Lift up, “level the playin field, Equal Opportunity and it’s WRONG.

    Why the hell is America CONSTANTLY ..
    Sub-Setted, Micro-ized, Sub-Categorized, Sub-Foldered…..

    Black month, Asian Month, Hispanic Month, Sex Cult Month, Handicap Month, …WTF?‽!!!
    No one says dont be proud…..at home, but WTF is it doing as a National Policy or Strategy??

    All it has ever done is Divide, Divide, Divide. Divide, Divide.

    AND Here We Are Today because of that God Damn POS Racist Kenyan SOB.
    He did more GD Damage and Continues too, to RACE Relations. He is and was So Fuckin Full of Shit ! God I Hate that Fucker.

    Are we not all Mercans????
    We are EITHER A STEW, as they like to say…
    or we are ….Carrot soup, Pea Soup, Meat Soup, Potate Soup, Celery Soup….

    We either ARE or We Are Not !
    Anything less is RACISM, period.

  4. Uh huh.

    And how many people has NASA put into space in the last 5 years?
    How many in the next 20?

    The next Musk or Branson may very well be a closet white supremacist, or simply and expediently screen out applicants by sheer competence and IQ, which will have the same de facto effect, and exactly like school districts and inner cities, the ghettoization of space will become a fait accompli.

    BLM can Occupy Space at that point, except they can’t march there.
    The only space they’ll occupy is the welfare line, until that teat goes dry in perpetuity.
    After that, things get pretty grim for those who can’t cut it.

    There’s a word for what we call subsidized permanent displays of lesser animals in their natural habitat.

    1. They already tried to accuse Elon Musk of being an Evil White South African from the Apartheid Era. Except he was 17 at the time, and there were stories he stood up for Blacks at school in SA.

      I expect them to try it again.

      Remember the Ukraine Artillery Targeting System? With out Musk’s Star Link satellites, it would be useless.

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