Here is a bit of info from Colusa County, California:

What is Remote Accessible Vote-by-Mail System?  Who can use it?

A remote accessible vote-by-mail system is a ballot delivery option that allows voters with disabilities to access their ballot in a screen-readable format using any computer with internet access. Voters can use their assistive devices to read and mark the ballot outside of a polling place, and then print and return it to the Colusa County Elections Office.

So you go online, fill out your ballot, print it, and send it in.

And what stops a person from printing out dozens of ballots?


What is the unique identifier that allows only one ballot per registered voter and how hack-proof is it?

This is how Governor Newsom will defeat his recall election.

With that test run, it will be rolled out in every blue state for 2022 due to the threat of COVID variant [Greek Letter], then it will be rolled out nationwide in 2024.

There will be warehouses full of operative printing out ballots rotating through IP addresses or using encrypted VPNs or every other trick to bypass the “one ballot per registered voter” protections and any pretense we had about being a democracy will be utterly destroyed.  We will be a full-fledged Banana Republic.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “This is how the Democrats will achieve supermajority status in 2022 and an incoherent, drooling Biden wins reelection in 2024”
  1. I have to admit, even by my jaded, cynical standards, this is absolutely astonishing.

    This is literally them saying ‘we’re going to steal the election, and you can’t stop us from doing it’.

    1. NH has like, half an electoral vote that they share with Wyoming or something.

      Voting is done in the usa

  2. Steal it back. What happens when 333 million ballots are cast in the CA Governor Recall?

    Make the cheating so obvious and blatant, that the only option is to throw out the election results. You know that if Gavin Newsome is thrown out, he will be happy to demand a re-do election and all his Democrat allies and Democrat Criminal associates will support him. BINGO! Evidence for Election Reform, ID, and Strict Control of Absentee Ballots.

    Just do it smart. Do not brag, do not go on social media. Small close teams. Solo if possible. Mix up your MO. Don’t touch paper without gloves, and for His Sake, do not lick the envelope. Then dispose of the printer, supplies, and all the evidence of ownership. You know the FBI, DOJ, and any Democrat Controlled Police Organization will be happy to provide evidence the Evil Republican Party is the party of cheaters.

    Or make sure your actions are completely legal. Figure out how to do it, and just publish exactly how to do it, in detail. “I am just pointing out the terrible security in hopes of forcing correction.” But do not get caught doing it on your equipment. Claim First Amendment protections. Publish it. Distribute it.

    Make it big, make it blatant!

  3. One of the overlooked elements of ‘mail in ballots’ is that they can not be validated or invalidated in any court of law. There is no legal way to prove them as legitimate or ill legitimate in a legal system. Without any legal mechanism to verify a mail in ballot, there is no way to overturn an election outcome.

    If one judge makes a ruling on the evidence of an investigation, another judge can make an opposite ruling, effectively halting any progress toward knowing the truth of an election outcome which allows for mail-in ballots.

    It’s the perfect method of circumventing the Electoral College system, which vetted the voting process state by state, from your local voting precinct upward to the state level.

    It took 42,000 votes within six swing states and a planned riot at the capital as the states where certifying into law their electoral vote totals. Note, that the six swing states didn’t get a chance to ‘not submit their in-state contested electors votes’ before the riot started. So the 12th Amendment was never enacted due to the riot on Jan. 6. If it had, Trump would have been president due to a republican majority in the fifty states.

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