This is not a meme, this is serious

If you haven’t been following the Sarah Jeong story, Miguel touched on it earlier this morning.

Right now she is trending on Twitter.

The New York Times released a statement that is total bullshit.

Other members of the Leftist media are circling the wagons around her.

It’s all the alt-right’s fault this got noticedThere is nothing to see here.  ”

This is just the horrible shit minorities usually say behind white people’s backs.  There is nothing to see here.”

She’s a good writer, there is nothing to see here.”

It’s not just the media though, it is the entire social justice community.

Criticizing Jeong is racist.”

Just take a blood pressure pill and go though the comments on any one of these Tweets.  The people defending Jeong break down into a few of categories.

  1. Her Tweets aren’t racist/are the good kind of racism because white people really are awful.
  2. White people are so fragile/are special snowflakes for whining about this.
  3. If you were upset about the firing of [conservative writer] you are a hypocrite for wanting Jeong to get fired.

A consistent refrain used in the counter is some variant of “this is how you get Trump reelected in 2020.”

No, it’s not.

This is how you get more Nazis.

Let me be clear on this.  A few of her Tweets really did come within a hair’s breadth of advocacy for white genocide.  Specifically the Tweets about white people going extinct and canceling white people.

What is considered (by the Left) to be American’s most prestigious news paper put on their editorial board a person who did a long tweet thread about how white people stink.

The exact language was used to by Nazis to dehumanize the Jews and to get German children to identify Jews (by their smell).  That exact language was used by segregationists to justify Jim Crow (“we can’t let black people in here, they stink.”)

But since she said it about white people, she gets a six-figure job, prestige, and accolades.

Sarah Jeong is a living, breathing, Tweeting recruiting ad for Stormfront.  Her hiring and being defended by the NYT is evidence that Left leaning media outlets in Democrat rich states truly think that “deversity” means “get rid of the white people.”

This confirms then reaffirms every single thing white nationalists groups have been saying for years.

White Nationalists: “The Liberals hate white people and want to wipe them out and replace them with minorities who also hate white people.”

Liberals: “No we don’t, you’re just paranoid.”

White Nationalists: *Points to NYT hiring of Jeong*

Just yesterday I asked if the media was going to be propagandists or journalists.

Today they answered “We’re going to go with being the Progressve Der Strumer and hire ourselves the South Korean Julius Streicher.”

This isn’t a meme about how you get more Trump.  This is a serious issue about how you get a race war.


5 Replies to “This is not a meme, this is serious”

  1. Here’s the thing — I’m in my late 40’s, and my whole life I’ve heard the left react to every projection of the “coming white minority” with absolute *glee*. Before I was born they imposed immigration policies that work similar to those of Great Britain — and we *know* from Labour Party documents that their policies were specifically to make Britain “less British”. I’ve watched leftist academia put on conferences about “ending whiteness”; I’ve seen them celebrate out-and-out racists who openly spew their hatred of whites. They called the multi-racial Tea Party movement “white racists”; they now call everything “white supremacist”, even things like showing up on time for appointments, class, or work.

    You know who else made comments about the “smell” of the typical American? Strozk, and Harry Reid. A reporter ticked off at CNN being booed at the Trump rally the other night said the crowd didn’t have a mouth full of teeth between the lot of them.

    I cannot escape the belief that the left *hates* white people. Maybe they “just” hate those of us who aren’t coastal metropolitan Ivy-League types, who aren’t celebrities, who aren’t politicians — but that’s almost everyone.

    And, hey, I don’t think that’s the limit of their hatred. Jews who aren’t socialists; Jews in Israel; any minority who doesn’t join in the tribalism game; ANYONE who tries to live by any faith older than Scientology. I think their hatred has more to do with those they see as obstacles to their power, but I’m not ignorant enough to think they’re able to limit it if push came to shove.

    I want the best opportunities for every American citizen, I want people who are “Americans born in the wrong country” — like Sarah Hoyt, and Instapundit’s sister-in-law — to be welcome and *ALSO* have the best opportunities. I want real equality before the law, no special immunities, no laws singling any group out.

    I *despise* the people who push the lie that cultural dysfunction is genetic based. It’s BS, obviously so from history. I believe that *any* people who governed themselves by the concepts of limited government and individual liberty could succeed, that it’s NOT somehow locked to descendants of certain tribes.

    I’m not a “white nationalist” (FFS, I was raised Catholic; I’m a prime target for the “white nationalists”), but I *really* believe the evidence points to the left hating white people.

  2. “This is a serious issue about how you get a race war.”

    I keep hearing about a race war. All I can say is let’s get it on, I have things to do after lunch. I explained the math of a race war to a guy one day and all he could do was shake his head and say “oh shit”.

  3. What you are seeing is the communist playbook put into operation to destroy this country. They are pure evil and must be ridiculed and stopped at every turn, or we are going to lose this country!

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