This is not gonna end well.

Watch the video and count how many incidents of Disparity of Force and Reasonable Fear can you catch. There is a nasty concept that some police forces are being told not to intervene or keep it to a barely minimum like the orders given in Baltimore over Freddy Gray.

I am not expecting the “if”  but the “when” and the “how many.


“This business will get out of control. It’ll get out of control, and we’ll be lucky to live through it.

Hat Tip to Tim Z.

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  1. Reminds me of the actions of the Fascists in Italy in the 20s. What I noticed is the initiation of violence by just a few, at the urging of the much larger group. And almost like the greater portion of the violent group were surprised that a few of their members actually took their violent rhetoric seriously and acted it out. Definitely a mob mentality. And most of the MSM not covering it on a national level, at least that I have heard. I’m not even hearing anyone in the Dem party commenting on it or trying to condemn it, just ignoring the issue.

    “some police forces are being told not to intervene or keep it to a barely minimum”

    The attacks seem to be promulgated primarily in GFZ states. I think you are correct in that it could go sideways VERY fast if some of that were to happen in more liberty minded locations, especially given this precedent. And it may not necessarily be responded to by those whom are being directly assaulted….. And if that were the case you could bet your last nickel that the MSM would play up the thug “victim” just like they did with Trevon.

  2. Assault, theft, vandalism, attempted murder, I’d be surprised if there haven’t been any kidnappings. It’s obviously being done with the intent to dissuade Trump supporters, meaning these are examples of both domestic terrorism and voter suppression, which of course is typical of Democrats.

    What they don’t seem to realize is that every hat they steal, every man they beat, every woman they kidnap, every child they rape, in their insane attempts to keep Trump out of office makes his victory more sure. When Trump becomes president, he’ll owe more of his victory to these sub-human beasts than to his actual supporters.

  3. Damn, all those scenes are infuriating. I was especially irked by the masked anti-Trumper pulled down his bandanna, spit on someone, then said “Go ahead, hit a woman!”

    1. Deterrent effect of OC has some merit here.
      So would a less-lethal option.

      The question is moot, however, as the events seem to happen in anti-defense locations where the mobbed scum have the upper hand. After all, they have the numbers, a practically complicit media, and the willingness to initiate violence over headwear choices.

      1. OC in those situations would be a disaster. You saw the ratio of victims to leftist assholes: individuals carrying openly would just become targets of the mob, and more violence would result. Worse, it would be on the terms of the mob, and they’d know that it could cost them their lives.

        Frankly, this is where the “Surprise, motherfucker!” factor of concealed carry is preferable: it lets the target of violence decide when and how her attackers find out that mama bear has claws; aforementioned leftist morons then attack someone they assume to be defenseless, and are surprised when lethal force is returned to counter the extreme disparity of force.

        1. In this case, with a single person OC, you’re right.

          Sad that the barbarians are the ones managing to be more organized, and work more effectively as a group.

        2. I’ve never met a mob that didn’t turn into a bunch of individuals thinking about their own safety when bullets start coming at said mob.

  4. The reason we haven’t seen instances of armed self-defense at these rallies is that trump is under the protection of the USSS, who in turn enforce a zone around the candidate that they keep free of guns they don’t control.

    The people leaving these rallies wouldn’t have been able to bring guns even if they’d wanted to, other citizens won’t come to their defense because of the potential legal ramifications and other consequences (Zimmerman, et. al.), and the police are reluctant to come to their aid because they’re afraid they’ll get some trumped up charge(s) thrown at them (e.g. Officer Nero of Baltimore).

    Frankly, this is why need to take a concept within PA law and apply it nationally: PACS Title 18 section 913(e):

    (e) Facilities for checking firearms or other dangerous weapons.–Each county shall make available at or within the building containing a court facility by July 1, 2002, lockers or similar facilities at no charge or cost for the temporary checking of firearms by persons carrying firearms under section 6106(b) or 6109 or for the checking of other dangerous weapons that are not otherwise prohibited by law. Any individual checking a firearm, dangerous weapon or an item deemed to be a dangerous weapon at a court facility must be issued a receipt. Notice of the location of the facility shall be posted as required under subsection (d).

    TLDR: in the short term, we need to get a federal law passed which makes it impossible for a gun free zone to be established without on-site storage for the firearms and other prohibited articles of those with lawful reason to enter the facility.

    1. Sounds like another way to depend on the government to protect you. In this case, protect you while you wait in line to hand over your most effective defense tools.

      And then protect you while you’re without them.
      Then as you wait in line to retrieve them.
      Then as you re-load & re-holster.

      Pass. And how’s that working in PA? All the stupid GFZs have a gun-check? Is it before, after, or part of the coat check?

  5. I am not a trump supporter, and probably won’t vote this year in the presidential election. I cannot bring myself to participate in this clown show.

    But I am rapidly becoming a trump supporter-supporter. Or maybe more accurately I’m becoming anti-anti-trump.

    The gfz being enforced around the candidates is definitely exacerbating the problem, and the damned mayor of San Jose saying it’s trumps fault is absolutely infuriating.

    The GOP convention is going to be a disaster. It’s not a matter of trump people finally defending themselves, it is a matter of when these people decide to bar the doors and set the venue on fire.

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