There is so much stupid and ignorance concentrated in this tweet, I can’t process it without a welding mask.

Sorry, but GOA has an impressive batting record in Congress like mine at the plate: Big fat zero. If you don’t know this, you have been ignoring what’s have been going in congress for the past decades. Allow me to quote from their Wiki page:

Gun Owners of America was founded in 1975 by the NRA board member and California state senator H. L. Richardson when legislation to ban all handguns was introduced in California.[8] Richardson continues to serve as the chairman of Gun Owners of America. Richardson also founded Gun Owners of California, which deals specifically with gun ownership rights in California.[9] GOA’s current executive director as of 2018 is Erich Pratt, son of the previous director Larry Pratt, who also hosts GOA’s audio webcast, Live Fire.

So how’s California doing on gun rights? So not very effective, are they?

The National Association for Gun Rights has been from the get-go what appears to be a suspicious fundraising tool for a noble cause: Dudley Brown’s pockets. They talk a tough talk, but they are worse that GOA just because they actually fucked up favorable legislation the few times they have intervened. I do believe there is still a “shoot on sight” in Colorado after NAGR screwed up the loosening of the Magazine Cap limit law in the state.

Pink Pistols as fantastic as they are and have my support, they are not a Lobby group, nor they have the numbers.

And please notice that the author fails to mention the Second Amendment Foundation who actually goes to court and gets bloodied fighting Second Amendment cases. But lawyers in bow ties do not look tactical and must be laughed and ignored.

Now, none of this is new. This is on the record for many years now but we have Gun Culture 3.0 that only gets information via memes and tweets forsaking any depth and accepting it as if they were the tablets brought down from the mountain by Gaston Glock.

We are seriously screwed..

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “This is what passes for the Modern Gun Rights Fighter (Gun Culture 3.0 )”
  1. Yah, GOA is “no compromise”. In 1995, when Texas was fighting to get a concealed handgun license system put in place for the first time since the civil war, Larry Pratt urged us to turn down a “license” system and hold out for “constitutional” carry. He, of course, had his Virginia concealed handgun license. And “constitutionoal carry” still does not exist in Texas. And GOA has done less than nothing on a state or national level that I am aware of. God only knows how much the elites of GOA have lined their pockets with donations over the years. As to NAGR, I would never give them or GOA a penny. I do support SAF/CCRKBA as they do put up the bux and get court action. And the NRA ain’t dead yet. No madda what the New Yawk Times spews. Just look at the action of the Virginia legislature this last week
    As to the idiot that wrote this in the first place, pull your head out of your ass. or maybe s/he is a plant for Bloomberg.

    1. I have to play devil’s advocate and ask how much of the success in Virginia was VCDL and how much was NRA.

    2. Rachel Malone is the GOA rep for Texas and she is sharp, driven and passionate. I just wish I could fund her efforts separately from the GOA.

  2. Don’t Quit.

    Support your state level gun rights organizations. Get involved.

    Do It Yourself.

    Call and write your state and federal representatives. If they are anti gun, find someone to support in the primaries and general elections. Keep voting, keep demanding better.

    Support your high school trap and skeet teams, and target teams. Do you hunt? Find a youth and take them hunting.

    Support reforming the NRA.

  3. I’ve read and heard these arguments before. The NRA is flawed, yes, but the fact of the matter is, they ARE the 800-lb gorilla in the room.

    The question to ask all NRA critics out there is: If the NRA disbanded today, which national-level gun rights organization has the reputation, membership, resources, and political clout to pick up the burden and carry on, tomorrow?

    The answer: There is none.

    So rather than focusing on doing away with the NRA, we should be focusing on fixing and improving the NRA. The flaws can be fixed, but in the current environment the NRA as a whole cannot be replaced.

    To advocate disbanding the NRA now, when there is no viable replacement, is to advocate crippling national-level pro-gun activism, possibly forever. Keep that in mind as you interact with these imbeciles.

  4. I’m on GOA’s emailing list. I said before, I do like the “Action Alerts” they send, with pre-written letters you can send to your elected officials. It’s not that I think GOA does nothing, I just think their fans greatly overestimate what they are capable of doing.

    NAGR, however, is an absolute scam. I’ve at least seen GOA people on tv, arguing a pro-gun viewpoint. Larry Pratt did a good enough job of making Piers Morgan look like a complete fool, but I’ve never seen NAGR do a thing.

    The Pink Pistols? They’re going to vote for the people who seek to disarm them. That isn’t going to change. I think the term is “cognitive dissonance”.

  5. The most concise way that I’ve heard to explain to folks just how bad NAGR is, is say “NAGR is to Gun Rights what the Westborough Baptist Church is to Christian outreach.”

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