Illinois man allegedly kills 4-year-old girl after she spilled juice on Xbox

Prosecutors in Illinois plan to seek a life sentence for a man who allegedly killed his girlfriend’s daughter after she spilled juice on an Xbox video game console.

Johnathan Fair, 19, of Waukegan, roughly 40 miles northwest of Chicago, was babysitting 4-year-old Skylar Mendez on Dec. 13 when the incident occurred, the Lake County News-Sun reported, citing the State Attorney’s Office.

Fair took the child to a hospital and claimed she fell and hit her head, prosecutors said. He later reportedly admitted that he shook Mendez “really hard” and beat her because she spilled juice on the console.

Fair allegedly kicked Skylar down a hallway as part of her punishment. He reportedly brought her to the hospital after she passed out during the attack.

I am a total proponent of the death penalty.  My only complaint about it is that we don’t use it enough.

When it comes to dogs, shelters understand that there are dogs that can never be adopted out.  They are just to dangerous to ever be trusted to human companions, so the shelter puts them down for everyone’s benefit.

I feel the same way about people.

I don’t believe the death penalty has much of a deterrent effect against the types of criminals who are most likely going to face it.  A gang member who kills several people is probably not fazed by the idea of a death sentence since it’s more likely he’ll get shot by another gang member.

For people like that, or like the human garbage above, I accept that they are just too dangerous to every be allowed to be around other people ever again, and we just need to put them down.

If you are so dangerous that we can’t reform you in say… 10 years, there is no reason to keep you in prison, then there is no reason to waste the money keeping you alive and locked away, we just need to stop your heart with drugs.

No fanfare, no big tadoo at midnight.  Just hold him down and inject a few hundred CCs of Phenobarbital and Fentanyl into his arm and wait for him to stop breathing.

This piece of shit admitted to shaking a 4 year old to death over an X-Box.

The judge should accept the plea, no need to wait, bring on the barbiturates.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “This is why I support the death penalty”
  1. In a lot of cases like this I have to wonder: what about the girlfriend? It seems that in all too many of them the girlfriend is an accomplice (morally even if perhaps not legally).
    To put it differently: suppose the girlfriend were armed, as she would be in a civilized society. Would the perp still be alive, or would he have been shot by the girlfriend using justified legal force to protect her child? The correct answer would be the latter.

  2. pkoning; You are assuming that the girlfriend was home. According to the source, she was not. He was “babysitting” her child. So, most likely, she was off at work and he stayed home to play video games and “babysit.” When the four year old did what four year olds are wont to do, he killed her for it. The one source does say that the child was brought to the hospital by both the mother and the $#!+stain, so presumably after the little girl lost consciousness from her injuries, he decided it was time to give mom a call. Or maybe not. Maybe he went back and finished his game of Fallout, and when mom got home she realized something was wrong. Who knows?

    Fear not, though, his lawyer assured the AP that he would eventually be acquitted. I’m kind of hoping acquitted means “shoved feet first into a wood chipper” but I don’t think that’s what it means.

  3. “You know, Mrs. Buckman, you need a license to buy a dog. You need a license to drive a car. Hell, you even need a license to catch a fish. But they’ll let any butt-reaming asshole to be a father.”

    — Tod Higgins (Parenthood, 1989)

  4. I once had a “discussion” with a liberal friend. He opined that the death penalty wasn’t a deterrent for others, I agreed but then countered that at least the perpetuator would be be deterred. Also, 20 years on death row is obscene. If the system can’t find grounds for a retrial in a year, buy the drug cocktail.

    1. I agree. Once the death penalty is sentenced, there should be a date, not longer than 12 months, when it will be carried out. If the guilt is obvious, the perp should be put down the next day. That would have a lot more effect on would-be murderers. Also, why worry whether the method used to end their lives causes pain and suffering? I think the more misery they go through, the better!

  5. I support the death penalty in concept, but I remain opposed to its application. Like Communism, it looks better on paper than it does in real life. All you have to do to understand my opposition is look up the Duke Lacrosse case.

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