The Lakewood Estates neighborhood is filled with families and children. On any given day, you’ll see kids climbing trees and playing on swing sets.

That’s why news of a residential gun range did not sit well with neighbors.

“I don’t know if this idiot is going to start popping off rounds,” said Patrick Leary. “I’m furious.”

via St Pete man builds gun range in yard, neighbors outraged – WFLA News Channel 8.

A range? That doesn’t even qualify as a backstop for airsoft.

This is the satellite view of the area where 21-year-old infant Joseph Carannate lives. Typical Florida subdivision of houses packed close to each other.

Lakewood states St pete range


Now Junior Ninja there figures that just because the law does not forbid it, somehow and by the power of magic rainbow beans, he shall be spared of any range safety concerns as he will never have a missed shot or a negligent discharge.

Scientists have discovered a new micro-organism and it has been named Korynum Watkinis. The K. Watkinis is a duncebacillus that affects certain gun owners and the symptoms are elevated levels of douchbaggery and assholery.  Mr. Carannate appears to be suffering from this malady and unfortunately short of beating some common sense into the host with a 2×4, there is little in the way of inoculation or medication that can help cure the disease.

Is there a Useful Gun Idiots for Shannon Watts fan club that I haven’t heard about?

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By Miguel.GFZ

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7 thoughts on “This is why we can’t have nice things: St Pete man builds gun range in yard.”
  1. I’ve got a neighbor here in my part of Texas that has done the same thing. While this area is nowhere as densely populated as that in the post, the direction my neighbor shoots is towards a well traveled footpath that’s about 100 feet behind his target and then several houses just past that. I talked to him about it first without any luck. so then I checked with the sheriffs dept and the POA, and there’s not any rule against it. I am not against him having the mini range, hell I’d love to have one myself, I just don’t like the fact that he feels the trees are a good backstop, no dirt pile, no nothing but trees, and I don’t mean densely packed forest, just trees with underbrush. I’ve even offered to help him build a backstop and he has never taken me up on it. But hey! he’s says I’m welcome to come over and use his range anytime I want. For some reason I just never have.

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