I saw Miguel’s post Broward County Sheriff’s Office keep adding to the crap pile, and his follow up And interesting question and I think we know the answer, and now it is time for me to double down on that.

I have posted this video before, but I am going to post it again.

(Yes, it is from Cracked.  I know they have turned into a bunch of SJWs.  This video is still worthwhile.)

All of the details in that video are true.

Maksim Gelman murdered four people.

The police hid in the conductors car, behind a locked door, and watched as Joe Lozito was stabbed repeatedly.

Joe Lozito sued the NYPD.  Their response was “fuck you civilian, we don’t have to do shit to protect you.”  A judge agreed.

There are two Supreme Court cases and one Court of Appeals case that should be burned into the soul of every American on both sides of the gun debate.

Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales

DeShaney v. Winnebago County

Warren v. District of Columbia

legal precedent in the United States is very clear.  You can call the police and tell them you are being attacked, you can report a history of violence by a person to the police, you can get a restraining order against that person, and the police have no duty to intervene on your behalf and help you.  They can stand there, with their dick in one hand and their other thumb up their ass, and watch you die and don’t have to do fuck all to try and prevent it.  

I can guarantee you that the only reason that School Resources Officer resigned was because Sheriff Israel ended up with egg on his face after news of the SRO hiding outside like a chicken-shit broke following the CNN town hall.  Had the Sheriff not tired to milk his 15 minutes of fame on CNN, that shit would have been ignored just like the 39 calls to the Cruz house.

I can also guarantee that the SRO thought he had it made.  He didn’t have to be in a patrol car, cruising around Broward county, doing traffic stops (the leading cause of death for police officers).  An easy cake walk job.  Until the struck-by-lightning-like-odds of a school shooting happening and Deputy Goldbricker pulled a Brave Sir Robin.

The entirety of the “you don’t need a gun to protect yourself, just call the police” argument is built on lies and horseshit.

The old refrain from CCW advocates is “when seconds count, the police are minutes away.”  In reality it should be “when seconds count, the police are under no obligation to give a fuck and risk their own lives for you.

Forget the FBI.  Forget the 39 calls to the Cruz home.  Forget the school deferment program.

What the anti gun crowd needs to be held to the fire about is that.  Why should we put our lives in the hands of people with the qualified immunity to stand there and watch us die.

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By J. Kb

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