I blame myself for paying attention to a Facebook ad and buying a book blind:

m4 barret m80

And I lost $7.00 to boot on the frigging Kindle book. For those who are wondering why I got a migraine:

M4 carbine
m4 carbine iraq


Barret M82
barret m82

And just for added effect, the ammunition they shoot:

50 cal 556
M4 (5.56) on the left & Barret M82 (.50 Cal BMG) on the right.

And neither come with a walnuts stock nor are designed for them.

I found out the author is a British lawyer who on average are as dumb about guns as your  local journalist.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

17 thoughts on “This one gave me a migraine.”
  1. I believe this is what we refer to as being Dan Browned.

    The difference between Dan Browned and merely Did Not Do The Research is that, as scrappycrow pointed out, even a moment’s research would be sufficient to show that the facts are wrong in the former, whereas the latter is a bit more forgivable.

  2. A Barrett with Walnut stocks. For when you have to bring down an airliner at 5 but have polo at 6.

  3. So what was the title of the book?
    Then we can either avoid your mistake or spend seven bucks just for the laughs.

  4. I have a book at home called, “Hunter” (don’t remember the author) that can top that. About halfway through, the incredibly skilled female sniper unscrews the barrel from her .50 sniper rifle to make it more suitable for close quarters combat.

  5. Ever the contrarian, I’m going to (try to) play devil’s advocate a bit here. At first I had the same ‘WTF?’ reaction, but then I went back and re-read the passages, and decided that the most glaring error was one of literary, not technical, ignorance. Try this on for size:

    “…a pair of high-powered Zeiss Classic 60mm binoculars and a miniature tracing device. But there was one more item.

    The rifle was the most important; he picked it up and examined it carefully.”

    On re-reading the passage it occurred to me that he was attempting to convey that there were three guns: the Carbine, the Handgun, and the Rifle. Just a matter of poor editing.

    (I’m ignoring the stock bit for now. Who knows? maybe someone with more money than sense *did* add a custom walnut stock to the damned thing. AR platforms generally don’t come with wood furniture…but they *ARE* available.)

    1. I forgot to add in there that he was smart enough to call an M-4 a CARBINE, and the M-82 a RIFLE, which (to me) supports the literary error theory.

    2. The way it reads, he mixed both long guns into one. Besides the items were being smuggled on the floor of a Ferrari Enzo which do not have a lot of space for a Barret.

  6. Uh, how about the “heavy premium barrel”? You know, the barrel weight is part of the calculated operating mass on a recoil operated gun – you go dinking around with that, and it can change things, and not for the better. AND *why*?!? If you’re using an M82, you already have accepted the accuracy is acceptable, or you’d have chosen something with a fixed barrel… Plus, I’m not sure the extra stiffness would help, seeing as how the *barrel* moves as part of the operating stroke (again, ” recoil operated”).

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