The fuck guys?

There is an ammo shortage in the US, prices are sky high, and we’re giving a million rounds to Ukraine.

How about no.

I’m fine with given them Javlins because I can’t buy them but 5.56?

That shit stays here!

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “This virtue signal pisses me off”
  1. 1. Ukraine uses 5.45x 39, 7.62×39 and 9mm, plus some others.Not 5.56×45.
    2. Yes, it’s expensive, but we’ve got plenty. Look online.
    3. You and I are not going to shoot any Russians any time soon. Might as well put it to good use. We’ve got plenty to deal with Antifa, et al.

  2. I am with Jack here, when you look at the numbers with blinders on. A million rounds is a drop in the bucket.
    However, it is the virtue signaling that annoys me the most. Remington is doing this because it is popular to support Ukraine now, no other reason. They are wearing the “team colors” because the home team made it to the playoffs, nothing more.
    Remington has done so little to support the 2nd, and the shooting community as a whole over the last decade that I see this as an empty move. Maybe they think they will see more sales, or maybe they think they will get some good graces back after the Sandy Hook settlement*, or whatever. But, it is no different that celebrating black shooters during February, and now in March talking about woman shooters.
    *yes, I know the settlement was the insurance company, not Remington, but the average citizen does not get the distinction.

  3. How long do they expect the fighting to continue? I mean honestly, if it takes more than a week to get there, chances are the Russians will be in charge and we won’t even get a thank you for it.

  4. Well.
    All done with remington !
    I do not buy feom Real Nazi Supporters.
    Mean zero to them. But i will not belp Maxi Symapathizers.

    That kraine zelensky whatever…. That SOB is a liar and a Real Nazi.
    And I…hope ol’Poot Gets him.
    Reeeeeal good. And the Double Helix.

    1. If you are going to attempt to influence people, tovarishch Chris, you need to use proper English spelling and grammar instead of sounding like Boris and Natasha’s love child.

    2. Zelenskyy to Netanyahu a couple of years ago. Must be an undercover NAZI….

      “Then, he said, he had one more story “about a family of four brothers.”

      “Three of them, their parents and their families became victims of the Holocaust. All of them were shot by German occupiers who invaded Ukraine,” he said. “The fourth brother survived. … Two years after the war, he had a son, and in 31 years, he had a grandson. In 40 more years, that grandson became president, and he is standing before you today, Mr. Prime Minister.”

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