A fight between neighbors caught on security camera.


Readers know that I advocate for the use of self-defense against sucker punches.

That first shot might have been self-defense.


All the followup shots after the neighbor in the red shirt went down, were murder.

Now, I said might because the press check he did before the shooting started suggested he knew a fight was coming and was preparing to draw his gun and use it.

The big take away is never miss an opportunity to shut the fuck up and walk away.

Bruised egos heal easier than gun shot wounds.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “This was a murder”
  1. ego writes more uncashable checks than any other thing…. if you have to do a “press check” you need to practice more…this aint the fukkin movies. if you don’t know the guns loaded when its YOUR gun you got issues..

  2. Since I can’t speak the language, I don’t know if I’d give him even the one. They might have been the antagonists. But it does look like another example of women running their mouths and the men have to pay for it.

  3. I dunno… I dunno the background (e.g. was red shirt armed as well? is he known to carry a pistol? have these guys gotten at it before physically? Where did the first shot hit him? Was he reaching for a weapon after the fight escalated? Did it look like he was reaching for a weapon after the fight escalated?) Also, I’m not fluent in Spanish, but it seemed like the shooter was giving homeboy plenty of warning to stay off his property. I’d say if dude was swinging punches at me on my front lawn, I’d be shooting until the threat was stopped too. I don’t care how many it takes. And the press check? There’s no shame in checking your equipment. One might even say it’s prudent if you know a life threatening conflict may be approaching your door. Just playing the devils advocate here. Fact is, I don’t know all the facts, but that means I can’t call it murder, either.

  4. What’s the meme about women getting men killed because they start fights they expect their man to finish? No idea if that applies here but that lady was escalating it severely by continually advancing.
    Yea checking the gun will sink him. Shooting the guy basically at contact distance while standing over the victim who is on the ground ain’t gonna help either. I’m 50/50 on if that should be OK to check the gun. In this case no, he could have easily walked away at any point. In a case where there is no option for retreat I’d say it passes the sniff test then. Be a hard argue in court though.

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