As I think about what happened yesterday new thoughts keep coming to mind.

Consider what it says about how half this country views private property rights when rioters who loot and burn private property are given a pass do you more than $2 billion in damage to mostly people’s homes and businesses – the Left literally occupied city blocks and owned two autonomous zones around homes and businesses – but when a government building that is the seat of power was infiltrated and occupied, that is the worst day in modern history.

Leftist rioters attempted to burn down a Federal building in Portland, many times.  Leftist rioters vandalized statues and Federal monuments. They even wrote snuff porn about destroying the Washington Monument.

When Trump deployed law enforcement to protect the Lincoln Memorial and Portland Federal Courthouse, that made him literally Hitler.

When the right breaks into the Capitol, and doesn’t set one fire or throw one Molotov cocktail, spray paint one slogan, or destroy one priceless statue, the call is unanimous to arrest and prosecute to the end of the earth and back again.

We cannot have two sets of laws and two codes of behavior in this country.  It didn’t work in France in the 1790s, Russia in the 1910s, or Bosnia in the 1990s.

We have to return to one standard or this will happen again.

Also, the Left needs to end their use of race or racism in every argument.

They claim to be bastions of empathy and compassion, well they need to direct some of that at the Right.

I’ve spent time in Oneida and Herkimer counties in New York.  There is a reason they went 57% to 68% for Trump.

Not because of race.  But because when you drive through there it is empty rusting factory after empty rusting factory next to dilapidated or boarded up homes.

These people wanted help and to be heard and to have the factories run again. They wanted someone to stop holding companies and Wall Street from stop shipping their jobs overseas.

The Left dismissed these people as racists.

What we say yesterday was as much of a peasants revolt as anything else.

If you want to stop a peasants revolt, you have to stop treating these people like peasants, and the first step there is to listen to them and not just dismiss them as bigots.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Thoughts on yesterday”
  1. as I said elsewhere – After the protest / riot at the Capitol, and with DemocRATS controlling the White House, House of Reps, the Senate, the Mayor of DC, and the DC council I believe that DC will become a police state. With the National Guard / US mil / DC police on every corner, and patrolling in Humvees, in teams of 2/3/4 in close proximity to each other; with orders to arrest anyone causing any kind of disturbance. Breaking up, by any means necessary, any groups of people. I believe that the ROE of the Capitol Police either have been or will be changed to allow a more weapons free environment for the Capitol Police. One thing I know for sure DemocRAT, Republican, or Independent TPTB will NEVER allow what happened on 06January 2021 to happen again – EVER.

  2. Outstanding commentary. Everything you said is identical to the thoughts that I have had or rather questions I have had. You were able to put everything in a logical progression of thought. Thanks!

  3. Someone pointed out how suddenly Democrats were changing their tune over ‘defund the police’ *snort*.

    I’ll be honest, though, as much as I detest the mob scene, part of me is cruelly amused at the knots people are tying themselves in to denigrate it after eight months of looters and freakos burning down cities.

  4. The next 4 are going to b obama2.0. The left can do no wrong and anyone who disagrees will be shamed and stomped on. Lay low, load mags. Stay hard

  5. Yesterday showed why the left is terrified of those on the right. Remember, the left (BLM/Antifa) have been storming the federal building in Portland and Seattle for months. The most they have accomplished is laser attacks, a few holes in plywood, and a bunch of graffiti.

    A mob, not a group planning on invading the building, of right leaning protesters got through multiple security fences, bum rushed the cops and made it to the doors, broke open the doors and took control of a large part of the building. It seems they were only stopped when the cops started shooting.

    At that moment it could have turned into a gun fight, it didn’t. But a mob accomplished more in 30 minutes than antifa/BLM did in months.

  6. The capital building is called The People’s House. It appears the politicians don’t want any of us people in there. They looked scared, I hope so. Sooner or later Patriots will come for them, one at a time.

  7. Stop the peasants? They don’t want to stop us. Well they do want to ‘stop’ us, they want to ‘stop’ us by killing us.

    And with the way thing are going they are going to stop us by killing millions of us. They don’t want a middle ground or agreement. They want to mandate that all who oppose them to be killed. The democrats right now want to literally exterminate the entire population of the United States that opposes them. They RIGHT NOW want to pass legislation mandating the complete and total extermination of every single United States citizen that voted for Trump and now even some republicans realizing that we will no longer vote for them think the same thing. Not a lot but there are some now. They want to RIGHT NOW pass legislation banning all private gun ownership and then deploy the military to go door to door of every home in American to confiscate all guns as well as execute every single American citizen that has guns and probably all there family members too. And RIGHT NOW if the democrats pass legislation calling for the complete and total extermination of every single United stares citizen that voted for Trump and/or owns guns using the full force of the military the republicans would vote for it and the military brass since they also want the extermination of all Trump voters a d gun owners would be happy to oblige. Just have to make sure they purge the rank and file first.

    The democrats and some republicans do not want peasants, they want slaves. And to them killing all the peasants to make room for slaves from other countries is the correct course of action.

    I bet even China and North Korea is going to balk when the democrats mandate the complete and total extermination of the entire United States population that opposes or resists them which will probably result in the deaths of at minimum 230 million up to 270 million people in the next 4 years. They may be communist totalitarian dictatorship but even they would not go so far to exterminate most if there counties population. They do not despise there country, the people that live in there country and desire the extermination of everyone in there country like the democrats do.

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