That is a 16% drop in less than a year.

The mass media has lost it’s grip on controlling reality.

Jen Psaki and talking heads on CNN and MSNBC can say whatever they want buy people still remember how much they paid for gas abd groceries a year ago and how much they are paying today.

Before the lockdowns it was less than $2 per gallon and I could do a weekly grocery run for a family of four for about $125.  Now it’s almost $4 per gallon and the same groceries cost $175.

People feel it everyday.

This Administration has no idea how to govern positively.  The only know how to govern through fear.

So what happens when Biden dips into the 20s and teens for percent approval?

The more this Administration fails the more it will lash out.

The beatings will intensify until morale improves.


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By J. Kb

21 thoughts on “Thr numbers show that things are going to get worse”
  1. The administration claims that gas prices should be going down, but the stations near me have both gone up another nickel in the last week.

    Let’s go Brandon

  2. They’ve painted themselves into a corner.

    They can’t dial back the Fear (TM) because their loyal fanatics will wig out if they start doing so and they’ll lose the power they’ve collected for themselves.

    But if they DON’T dial it back the whole country could auger into the ground as the economy collapses.

    If you look at Biden’s overall polling, he is consistently, and inexorably, trending downward. I’m not sure ANY U.S. president has declined so sharply over a year, to be honest. And that’s with polling companies weighting their polls and a full court cover by the media. The political capital of his regime — the currency, if you will — has dwindled massively.

    This is usually the point where someone makes a catastrophic error and the whole thing comes apart.

    I can’t wait 🙂

      1. So don’t let them do it.

        As annoying as it may be, tolerate the idiots so long as they don’t interfere with you and yours. Don’t let their rhetoric push you into responding in kind.

  3. The first year or two, heading into the midterms is supposed to be the honeymoon phase for a president. That he’s at 33-ish % after 1 year is interesting. If he wants to improve, all he has to do is come back to middle and most of the country would at least accept it. But he seems like there’s been a slight breach of etiquette, and his party has triple dog dared him to go full marxist. Attempts at big spending, continuing fear porn over the virus, and now because midterms are coming we have to change the senate so they can ram though a voting rights bill that federalizes elections and strips states of their authority to run elections. Oh and if you disagree with anything you’re a racist terrorist. If your straight and white, you’re all that plus should be dead.

    I think we’re headed into dangerous territory where the left won’t accept any outcome where they don’t win, and when they cheat to win, anyone who questions the result is a insurrectionist. If Republicans win in the midterms, I expect more rioting and unrest.

    1. Won’t happen for another year and two days. If she takes the presidency before then, she can only run for re-election once. If they wait until she’ll serve less than two years of Biden’s term, she could theoretically run twice.

      I suspect they’d exercise the “Democrat Actor Maneuver” and set Alec Baldwin to remove her from office before that, though. She was always Biden’s insurance.

  4. The first rule of effective tyranny is that you HAVE to be perceived as competent. Incompetent dictators wind up strung up on lamppost or dead in ditches.

    With that, the first rule of effective propaganda is you have to be as close as possible to the truth for the lie to work.

    It may well turn out that the Biden admin will be one of the best things to happen to Liberty in this country, by demonstrating just how utterly incompetent, ineffectual, out of touch, and just plain loserly the Democrat Credentialacracy is.

  5. Whatever they do, you can always bet on Biden’s Admin picking the absolute and utter Stupidest Option.
    You can also bet on him not being able to implement it, either.

  6. The amazing thing is they tried everything — and that’s nearly literal — to attack Trump and his performance kept him popular. Now they’re fluffing Biden like a fading porn star desperate to prove she still has it, and they can’t keep him from tanking.

    The Party still buys it, but no one else does. I bet they’re seeing party identification shifts, too.

  7. ” If Republicans win in the midterms, I expect more rioting and unrest.”

    While that is certainly a possibility, perhaps even a probability, I suspect the citizens’ response to such activity would be radically different than it was in 2020.

    From which something larger could spring, unless TPTB understand the cathartic effect of a little gunfire, at the right time in the right place, could preclude a lot more occuring everywhere.

    We shall see.

  8. I’ve been paying the most I’ve ever paid for heating oil in the last five years month after month this year. Even off season I paid more than I ever paid on season prior.

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