In the wake of San Bernardino and the high profile shootings that proceeded it, the propaganda arm of the Democrat party fourth estate conducted two polls to find out how Americans felt about a new assault weapons ban.  ABC found that  53% of people OPPOSING a new AWB and the New York Times got about the same numbers with some 50% of people OPPOSING a new AWB.  The rationale being that an AWB really won’t do much to stop a “lone wolf” attack.

Common sense and gun rights seem to be winning on this issue.

Month after month we have been seeing record gun sales. When New York and Connecticut managed to pass assault weapon bans and registrations, the compliance rate with these laws was about 4% and 10% respectively.

A small but loud an obnoxious group of people supported by a confederacy of felons clamors for a new gun ban.

The rest of the country is spending its hard earned money on handguns and black rifles, and when asked about their purchases, tell the government “piss off, that’s a golf club, I want a lawyer.”

How do the House Democrats react to all of these data points?  By drafting a new assault weapons ban.  Sure, it has no hope of passing with a GOP majority.  But I’m not so sure the 90 Democrats who co-signed it have any idea what they’ve done to themselves.

A few of them may be in such deep blue districts they they have no chance in losing reelection.  But the rest of them? We’ll have a change come November of next year to show them what the popular opinion on guns bans is.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Tilting at Windmills”
  1. The ban of any gun will not make a difference in gun violence because you can’t ban the bad guys they don’t care about bans or laws any way when will they get that through their heads.Utopia does not exist and never will.The liberals and democrats are willing to sacrifice more lives instead of listening to common sense.

  2. Problems of this nature perfectly demonstrate the sociopathic / schizophrenic nature of the Left. They fight for the windmills while they rail against the windmills. They fight for the lives of convicted felons on death row, while fighting to strip the rights of defense and arms from the common citizen. They will defend to the death a desert tortoise, but will not lift a finger for the Kurdish fighters and mideast Christians.

    More than once, people have said that Liberalism is a mental disorder, though I would disagree. Instead, I opine that Liberalism / Progressivisim / Marxism / Fascism / Communism (roughly interchangeable) is the rationalization of a host of underlying mental disorders, most of which would have a person adjudicated a danger to society if they were not shielded by their ideology.

    1. “They will defend to the death a desert tortoise”

      Don’t you mean they’ll defend the deaths of desert tortoises and raping of their ecosystem if it means building solar farms? Just like all those owls whose trees they saved can go eff themselves when they fly into a wind turbine blade. There is definitely a hierarchy of liberal causes.

  3. “Sure, it has no hope of passing with a GOP majority.”

    Are you sure? Judging by the budget idiocy, that’s a weak reed to depend on.

      1. It has become a rule of politics. Woe beith unto the politician thar goes after guns in any swing district. Colorado proved that.

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