This is Los Angeles:

Railroads in the US have their own police as per federal law.

Because the railways cross through so many jurisdictions, having local police do it was impossible and this predated the FBI.

In fact, the first railroad police department was commissioned at the request of Abraham Lincoln.

The jurisdiction of these police agencies are the railways, right of ways, track, and rolling stock.

They are obligated to turn criminals over to the local police for detainment and the local prosecutors for prosecution.

When that side of it breaks down, crime on the railways, like crime everywhere goes up.

This is particularly egregious because the railways are part of our interstate transportation infrastructure and critical to our supply chain.  But you don’t see Secretary Pete working to stop our railways from being looted.

It’s time to bring back the Pinkerton and just have railroad bulls beat train robbers with axe handles to within an inch of their lives.


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By J. Kb

20 thoughts on “Time to bring back the Pinkertons”
  1. And a reminder that a lot of firearm shipments are done through railroad. You can guess that Brady and Co do not care about that and are more than glad to assign blame to mom and pop shops.

    1. I’ve covered that before. It was known in Chicago that the Gangs had gotten hold of shipping manifests and were hitting rail cars that transported Ruger firearms to their central warehouse in Missouri. They would steal guns by the pallet. Chicago did little to nothing to stop it.

  2. Just shoot the thieves. Taking things from a still-rolling train makes it obvious you’re not a railway worker.

  3. Alas, dressing like a train robber is the new normal. As long as people are expected to dress like train robbers, why not act the part?
    And our illustrious Secretary of Trainspottation, Mr. Veet Voojagig, likely thinks of train robberies as an inseparable part of the Romance of the Rails.

  4. A statistically significant chunk of criminal owned guns in Chicago are traceable to railroad car full of guns stolen in transit a few years ago. Naturally the mayor wants to sue the gun makers and not the thieves.

      1. As I understand it, pretty much.

        The way I heard it, though, it was a Ruger shipment, and many of the guns were single-action revolvers. 🙂

        Not that the theft is really bad, nor that the single-action revolver isn’t a very effective weapon in the right hands … but it doesn’t quite go with the stereotypical gangbanger image.

        1. The Ruger SR-9 semi-auto is very popular with gang members since it’s cheap compared to a Glock. The,S&W SD9VE is equally popular with rhe banger demographic for the same reasons.

  5. If you look at a wider shot of the looted right of way? You will see the homeless encampment across the street from the railway cut.

    Gee, I wonder where all the criminals are coming from?

    If they steal less than $950, is it still only a citation?

  6. Obviously it doesnt matter in la- railroads come under homeland security rules. Messing with anything on railroad property can become a felony…. Oh well, biden said the other day that everything is going great so stop worrying..

  7. Is it that Inter modal location. Do our correspondents.know of other locations where this is happening?

    1. Probably just that location, for now. But I’d expect this trend to spread to other locations throughout California over the spring and for it to hit Oregon and Washington come summer.

      A large chunk of the West Coast’s homeless population are migratory. Wintering in SoCal and moving up to the PNW in summer… and many of them are homeless-by-choice. They’ve got their own subreddits, discord servers, and other social media subgroups. They share tips on what to steal, where to steal it, and so forth.

  8. Simple answer. Get caught stealing from the Rail Roads? Get your hands superglued (with the good stuff) to the rails.

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