About a week ago I covered how sportscaster and sentient dog turd in a skin suit, Keith Olbermann decided to issue a Fatwa on Twitter against a small town hunter for bagging a turkey.

Today brings us a much more positive story from the intersection of professional sports and hunting.

I fully admit, I don’t watch the sportsball so had no idea who Torrey Smith is.

The only reason I know who he is now is because of this Tweet he sent in reply to a a TMZ Sports article.


I don’t know if the TMZ Sports article was intended to be shaming, but there were at least a few anti-hunter comments in the TMZ tweet.

This is, of course, the proper response when dealing with Lefty crybullies.  Never apologize.

Smith has no reason to apologize, he was on a legal hunt for a nuisance species, and is going to eat it.  Good for him.

If anything, what I’d like to see come out of this is more interest in hunting by African Americans.

Black gun ownership in America is increasing, predominately out of a desire for self defense.

According to the US Fish & Wildlife Service, Blacks only make up about 2% of the hunting population.

Encouraging more Black participation in hunting would increase and diversify the number up people interested in law abiding gun rights, increase the revenue going into wildland protection through the purchase of permits and tags, and would boost the hunting industry which is largely domestic.

A popular Black athlete defending legal hunting and serving as a role model for law abiding gun ownership is in every way a positive for the gun and hunting community.


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By J. Kb