It’s been  while since I touched on Keith Olbermann.  I don’t follow the sportsball so there is no reason for me to go anywhere near ESPN.

But the other day, Olbermann slithered out and decided to Tweet about a story from Mississippi.

This from the Clarion-Ledger.

‘I was shaking I was so nervous.’ Mississippi hunter harvests bizarre white turkey

It’s spring turkey season in the south.  I have some coworkers that I know will not be in the office next week because of it.

This story is just a local interest story in the outdoor section of the paper, covering a local hunter who stalked and bagged a unique white turkey.

Eriksen said he believes it is partially albino. Also known as leucism, it is a genetic abnormality which causes animals to be pale or spotty in coloration. It is unlike true albinism because it causes a reduction in multiple types of pigment, not just melanin.

“Often this trait is expressed with patches of color as in a piebald deer, but this specimen does not exhibit patches,” Eriksen said. “Occasionally piebald deer are reported without brown patches but the eye and hoof color is retained as normal.”

So it will make a very interesting story and trophy for this hunter.

What about the bird?

Adam Butler, Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Wild Turkey Program coordinator, said he has never heard of or seen a wild white turkey in Mississippi, much less one that managed to survive to adulthood.

“I would say it’s exceptionally rare,” Butler said. “I would assume that occurs in one out of several hundred thousand individuals.”

So not that rare to happen, but rare for the all white bird to live that long.  Still, it’s a turkey, not some sort of endangered species.

It was taken legally, during the season, by a licensed hunter.

So you know where this is going.

Holy shit.

So an ESPN anchor with over 1 million Twitter followers says that some guy from a small town in Mississippi (Kiln Pop. 2,238) “should do our best to make sure the rest of his life is a living hell” over a turkey.

Not to mention the “pea-brain scumbag” ad hominem  attack.

Lastly, calling for a local Mississippi reporter to be fired for reporting on a local interest story?  I thought attacks on the media were undermining our democracy?

This is unbelievably fucking horrific.  It lead to people piling on Hunter Waltman for killing a white turkey.

Of all the Tweets sent by Olbermann’s followers, I just had to save this one.

Eric O’Grey lives in Washington DC.  He clearly has an issue with the term “harvested” which is normal hunting and game management jargon.  To him, this turkey was the last white rhino instead of a not uncommon mutation in a very common species.

But my favorite part is that he had to get all gender neutral with the bird.

It’s a male turkey, a tom, we know this because of the beard and fan.  Only males have those.  Turkeys are not Politically Correct, there are no turkeys running around identifying a hens as they strut and fan and gobble.  Woke O’Grey know so little about wildlife but so much about social justice Twitter that he opines like fucking idiot.

As for Waltman…

This Mississippi turkey hunter says Keith Olbermann’s tweet has led to more threats

Waltman said he is receiving verbal attacks due to Olbermann’s actions. While no one directly threatened to harm him, some said they hope harm comes his way.

Keith Olbermann told his more than 1 million Twitter followers that they should make a Mississippi hunter’s life “a living hell” for shooting a white turkey.

“I didn’t like the idea of that too much,” Waltman said. “I don’t think a lot of people would like to be called out on social media like that, especially (by someone) with so many followers.

“They text me all kinds of stuff. If he (Olbermann) hadn’t done that, none of this would have happened.”

Waltman said he had never heard of the ESPN commentator and former MSNBC political host prior to Olbermann’s attack on Twitter. Waltman said now he considers Olbermann a threatening individual.

Olbermann got what he wanted.  A small town guy in Mississippi being savaged online for a legal hunt.

The management of the Clarion-Ledger responded as well, clearly having more dignity and character than all of ESPN.

Clarion Ledger executive editor Sam R. Hall responded to Olbermann’s initial tweet on Tuesday.

“Keith Olbermann says Brian Broom should be fired for writing this story,” he wrote. “What was I thinking? I guess I should have fired our outdoors writer for writing about a hunter killing an unusual turkey during turkey hunting season.”

Hall followed up on Wednesday with a written statement.

“Keith Olbermann‘s tweet was recklessly irresponsible,” Hall wrote. “Someone with his following needs to understand the possible impact of his words.

“Telling over 1 million people to make someone’s life a living hell could have seriously dangerous consequences. In our newsroom, that would be a fireable offense, not writing a story about a hunter bagging a turkey.”

So how did ESPN respond to this despicable punching down?

They gave Keith Olbermann a talking to and made him give a half-ass quasi-apology.

It was a turkey, which mean Waltman here is going to eat the thing, so the trophy hunting part is utter horseshit.

“Nobody should feel threatened” stands in stark contrast to “should do our best to make sure the rest of his life is a living hell,” so that is horseshit to the power of bullshit.

This is something that should be of concern to each and every one of us.

Olbermann isn’t just anti-hunting, he is anti-gun too.

ESPN didn’t fire him for this, and the fact the Olbermann’s Twitter is still active (but that Tweet was deleted) shows that this doesn’t violate Twitter’s targeted harassment policy.

Just don’t tell Keith Olbermann to “learn to code” because that is worse than organizing a lynch mob against some small town guy in rural Mississippi.

If Olbermann can get away with doing this for a hunter, and anti-gun celebrity on Twitter can do this to shame any one of use for anything gun related.

It’s become obvious that public shaming is their weapon of choice to get what that want.

As for Hunter Waltman, I really hope a bunch of attorneys have reached out to him because Olbermann and ESPN should really pay for what was done.

Just imagine the guns, ammo, and ATV that can be purchased from a seven figure settlement from ESPN.


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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “ESPN Kleagle Keith Olbermann tries to organize a lynch mob against a hunter”
  1. I sincerely hope someone turns Messrs. Waltman and Bloom onto Todd McMurtry and L. Lin Wood, the attorneys representing Nick Sandmann and the Covington High Students.

    Sue the living shit out of that loud mouth and ESPN.

  2. President Trump calls CNN “Fake News” and reporters across the land clutch pearls in fear that conservatives will rise up and murder them in their sleep. A leftist reporter sports news reader calls for the twitter mob to make a man’s “life a living hell” for legally harvesting a turkey and he get a talking to (and double secret probation?). Fortunately Mr. Waltman lives in a rural town, is armed, and no doubt has armed friends. If some leftist A-hole decides to go all antifa on him, I don’t think it will end as the A-hole thinks it will.

    1. If the hunters of Mississippi are anything like the hunters of Alabama, this guy probably has t least one AR a couple of handguns, and a CCW permit.

      Those blue bubble soybois may be commandos on the internet but they don’t stack up much higher than a runny dog turd to a blue collar country boy from the South.

      Like Hank Williams Jr. says, a country boy can survive.

  3. And how many of those million followers carved themselves a nice juicy turkey at Thanksgiving?

  4. It’s really easy to forget that Keith Olbermann is even around anymore. He only seems to pop up when he says something especially unhinged like this.

  5. Every time I hear of progtards with such a severe rectal-cranial inversion pulling this kind of SJW crap, can’t help but hope that someday real soon they poke the wrong grizzly bear and get torn to shreds.

    For now, this dbag @ ESPN needs to be sued biggly. And by as many people as possible.

  6. Wouldn’t Mr. Olberman’s incitement be a reasonable basis (to the extent that such exist) for him to be the subject of a red flag pre Dawn raid? Jes’s wonderin’…..

  7. Wouldn’t Mr. Olberman’s incitement be a reasonable basis (to the extent that such exist) for him to be the subject of a red flag pre Dawn raid? Jes’sayin’ wonderin’…..

  8. Dumb question: could the white tom turkey have been a domestic escape? White (and “mostly white”) turkeys are a very common color variety.

    1. It’s covered in the article I linked to. No, it does not have many features of domesticated birds. Partial albinism is more likely the cause of the color.

      1. We see the white phase in wild turkeys about once every couple of years in northern Florida. They especially stand out in a herd of a hundred or more adults as they all go sauntering across a big pasture. I wouldn’t call them uncommon, at least not here.

        1. Like the article said, one in every hundred thousand birds. A few million birds and you’re going to get a few. It’s rare but not the last white rhino.

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