A cult is a system of deep religious devotion to an idea or person.  One of the salient aspects of a cult is that cults are always harmful.  Cults manipulate and abuse their devotees in the interest of the cult against the interest of the member.

The current transgender movement is every bit a cult with the object of religious fanaticism being a perverse idea of gender and sexuality.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I knew the hormones wouldn’t work. Why did they play with her life?’ Bereaved mom blames LA County for her teenage daughter’s suicide, claiming school pushed her to transition to a male instead of properly treating her depression

A California mother says the government wrongfully took away her daughter, pushed the girl into transitioning to male, and is to blame for his suicide age 19.

Andrew Martinez, born Yaeli, stepped in front of a train on September 4, 2019.

In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, bereaved mother Abigail Martinez accused her Los Angeles County school of encouraging Yaeli to take hormones and undergo gender reassignment surgery as a child, while failing to properly treat her severe depression.

Martinez, 53, a mother of four, claimed school staff told Yaeli not to speak to her mother about transgender issues, but secretly had her join an LGBTQ group that persuaded the girl that the only way to be happy was to transition.

In a statement to DailyMail.com, LA County agreed that they ‘aggressively pursued the implementation of inclusive, gender-affirming laws, policies and supportive services for LGBTQ+ youth,’ but partially laid the blame for Andrew’s death on ‘higher rates of suicide’ among queer young people.

‘The school was telling her to go to these LGBT groups behind my back. She went from questioning her sexuality to her gender.

‘She had these peers at school two years older than her. They were the ones who brought these ideas – ‘Maybe you’re depressed because don’t you feel like you’re a boy?’ – and the school was supportive of that.

‘The school told her these groups were the place to go, and I didn’t need to know about it.

But the mother claimed it was Yaeli’s depression that was the problem, not gender dysphoria.

Yaeli had already tried to overdose on pills in eighth grade in 2014, and tried to jump off a bridge near the freeway in her hometown of Arcadia in her freshman year, shortly after she cut her hair short, attracting the attention of social workers.

Instead of proper treatment for mental illness, Martinez said her daughter was encouraged by the school and her LGBT support group to take hormones and pursue gender reassignment surgery, and cut Martinez out of the process.

This is absolutely cult behavior.

This was a girl with some sort of emotional issue, probably depression.

Rather than seriously try to help her, they saw that she was vulnerable to being indoctrinated into the cult and did just that.

They didn’t make her better.  They made her worse, drove her to suicide, and then absolved themselves with the statistics of transgender suicide.

The truly sickening thing is that this cult has members in the highest positions of government and media influence.

It’s why Lia Thompson is allowed to beat girls in the pool and Rachel Levine was voted Women of the Year.

We should be able to object to such insanity but the cult has too many people in too many high places and we are afraid.

How dare you say “I can see the bulge of the dick and balls of the First Place girl through his swimsuit.”  You might get fired are hounded by the media for being a bigot.

But this is a cult.

If you have children, especially children with emotional vulnerabilities, beware of the cult’s desire to recruit your children into their evil machinations.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Trans-grooming children is a cult”
  1. In 2022, when they committed suicide, they were age nineteen… The school first started pushing the student into LGBT groups in 2014. Simple maths means the kid was ten years old when the school began to push the notion of gender dysphoria at them.

    All known medical evidence states that it is not possible to diagnose gender dysphoria in a pre-pubescent child and/or one in the midst of puberty. It’s medical malpractice and totally unethical… But, of course, schools never have medical professionals acting as “counselors” for their students, just like they never have legal professionals acting as “investigators” of sexual assault allegations.

    Shit like this doesn’t help the kids and it doesn’t help actual LGBT people either.

  2. and at that age group, mental illness has become a status symbol. They brag about what they’ve been diagnosed with, what medications they’re on, and if they’ve been institutionalized. The system encourages the behaviors and blames the parents.

  3. One of the trans-ideology boosters who trolls Instapundit gets really worked up when I’d point out “transitioning” a kid is no different than stomach-stapling an anorexic. Everyone knows anorexics need emotional help and counseling, that their dysmorphia is an emotional/mental issue not that they’re “in the wrong body”.

    But gender dysmorphia? We’re supposed to believe it’s something completely different? That drugs that “retard” development and surgery that’s mutilation of the genitals is suddenly the answer?

    There needs to be trials for crimes against humanity for the people who push this evil. There needs to be executions to draw a sharp, clear line that this is unacceptable.

    1. The medical literature (pre-2010 and the rise of “trans-trenders”) actually does show that hormone replacement therapy is usually the best course of treatment for people suffering from gender dysphoria, with partial gender affirmation surgery (e.g., breast augmentation/reduction, hairline alterations, etc.) being needed in a minority of cases, and full gender affirmation surgery (i.e., “bottom surgery”) being necessary only in a very small amount of cases.

      Having said that, the science also shows that it is impossible to diagnose gender dysphoria in anyone who hasn’t finished puberty.

      1. I keep saying these two things:

        First: I really don’t care what fully informed and consenting adults do with their bodies.

        Second: Any transition should be a slow process. It’s the surgical equivalent of “measure twice, cut once.” Before anything irreversible is done, the diagnosis should be well established. I think (as a layman) HRT should begin at 21, surgery at 25.

        The problems I have with what is being done to children violates both these principles.

        Children are emotionally vulnerable and mutable. Children are far to susceptible to peer pressure and cultural influences.

        These people also seem to rush into transitioning. Mastectomy at 15? That’s nuts and beyond irresponsible.

        A person who actually has the interests of the child at heart would not say “well, she started displaying the signs of depression last year, let’s cut her breasts off and see if that makes her better.”

        1. I fully agree. In fact, it’s my understanding (based off discussions with my husband and several of our trans friends and acquaintances*) that it was considered standard practice that persons seeking psychological help for gender dysphoria would usually be expected to undergo several years of treatment before the diagnosis would be formally given and throughout the transition.

          Partially this is because gender dysphoria is difficult to diagnose and also because it tends to be accompanied by other mental health problems (i.e., depression, self-harm, etc.). The tricky bit is figuring out if the patient has gender dysphoria AND these other issues or if they have the other problems but do not have gender dysphoria.

          It’s my firm belief that many younger people being diagnosed with gender dysphoria these days are not actually trans. They’re suffering from depression, body dysmorphia, struggling with homosexual feelings, et cetera. When I was a teenager going through puberty in the early Nineties, I had a lot of internal conflict as I wrestled with my emerging bisexuality… Was I gay? I didn’t feel gay, I had romantic and sexual attraction to girls. But, I was also feeling the same feelings about boys. I had a lot “effeminate” interests, like dance and theatre, and little of the common “masculine” interests like athletics or cars… I eventually learned that bisexuality was a normal thing and came to terms with it. But, I can’t help but wonder if some of the young boys going through the same internal struggle today aren’t being pushed into a false diagnosis of transgenderism by school counselors and faculty that don’t know what the fuck they’re doing.

          Gender identity, sexual orientation, and all the other issues that make up our psyches are too damn complicated to leave to unqualified laypeople. These youths should be receiving proper medical care from professionals.

          * Transgender folks are a very small minority, but like other small and frequently misunderstood groups, they do tend to form friendships with one another when they can. Once you know one, it doesn’t take long before you meet a half dozen others.

          1. Re “small minority”, it does seem that way, quite a lot of smaller than the homosexual minority. Still, I know (in the sense of having met or corresponded with them at least once) 6: 3 software people, 2 gun people, and one of the farmer’s children in my 10-person elementary school class. (All trans-women, interestingly enough. And matching your comments, all transitioned well into adulthood.)

  4. Maybe it’s just the article, but it sure sounds like part of the problem is mom expected the school to fix it and didn’t put in any effort on the home front.

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