Florida scumbag Congressman Alan Grayson, a man who made his Congressional reputation berating Wall Street on TV, turns out to have been moonlighting as a Hedge Fund manager.  Not just that, but he used his power, influence, and Congressional resources for his Hedge Fund.

But this scandal adds to a long list of other scandals of abuses of power, corruption, and hypocrisy that the Democrat party is facing.  What’s truly noticeable is that these scandals rarely sink Democrats, where Republicans who get caught with their hand in the till, generally go down in flames.

Elizabeth Warren gets caught abusing affirmative action hiring practices, becomes a Senator, and now is gaining backing for an eventual Presidential run.  Hillary Clinton is running for President while being investigated by the FBI.

Some people blame the media for going soft on Democrats, but I have another theory.

One of the hallmarks of totalitarian governments is that the leaders don’t have to follow the same rules as the rest of the populace.  Rules are for the little people.  North Korea may be under rationing, but Kim Jong-Un is tubby.

Our nation was founded under exactly the opposite principle, that every citizen, including our elected leaders, are bound by the same laws.  No man is above the law.

So for Democrats, these scandals are times they got caught in their moral failings, it is a chance to level up.  If you are a Democrat, and you weather a scandal, it proves that the law doesn’t really apply to you.  You are not one of the “one of the little people.”  Come out on top and you are ready for the big leagues.

If a scandal breaks you, too bad, you were never really qualified for a leadership role.  Anthony Weiner was broke.  His wife came through with sycophantic fans and has gone on to scandal some more.

Surviving a scandal that would crush a Republican is for a Democrat, a qualifying event.  Trial by scandal.  It is part of their leadership CV.

Will Grayson’s getting caught lining his pockets by abusing his seat ruin him or elevate him to DNC big wig?  Only time, and Florida Democrats, will tell.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Trial by scandal”
  1. Please be wrong.

    I can just image the news coverage on that day:

    “Today, Senator Alan Grayson married DNC chair and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz. There was an earthquake in Washington DC. And in weather, the sun became as sack cloth and the moon became as blood.”

  2. Another Grayson corruption story. He got reelected back into congress this last time by unethical but technically legal means. In the Stupid Party primary, there was a decent guy and a guy that was generally considered less desirable for the heavily Democrat district Grayson runs in. (As seen in the Democrat media, of course). Grayson’s people donated tons of money to the undesirable candidate, who outspent his competitor and won the primary. Then Grayson beat the weaker Republican competitor. So Democratic donors chose the Republican candidate.

    Or so “they say”, but I believe them.

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