As usual, these are all predictions which means scientific wild-ass guesses

This one predicts the pressure above the 1,000 millibars through and through. That is good as the higher the mb, the weaker the storm. I can deal with a weak Cat One.

Best case scenario for everybody is for a high pressure front in the NE to recede so Dorian can take a sharp right hand turn to the mid Atlantic. If no, I want a LOT of pressure so slips under Cuba and continues to the gulf.

Tomorrow I’ll start checking the Hurricane kit making sure all the stuff is to par.

I really can do a year without a hurricane dropping by.


Not saying this guy does or does not work, but apparently he does not hurt either.  It is South Florida and we believe in locally-sourced solutions like Santeria.  😀

Slight turn North from 3 hours ago. I likes!

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By Miguel.GFZ

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4 thoughts on “TS Dorian (with 11 AM Update)”
  1. Your “Southcom Hurricane Survival Kit” is one of the most complete lists I’ve seen. The only thing I would add, since you initially posted it, would be a solar charger and power storage battery. Apart from cell phones, you can now get “AA” batteries with a USB recharging port and lots of smaller devices also have recharge ports.

      1. I have a 2000 watt running, 4000 watt peak inverter that attaches to my truck’s battery terminals that will run one 15 amp power tool.

        There are lots of inverters that can run off a car battery that can give you substantial power that are a lot cheaper than buying a stand alone generator.

  2. I’m watching this one, too (linked back you last night) and didn’t see the map with projected central pressures. It doesn’t even look like hurricane at 1005 millibars.

    The end of the 5-day says depression, so not even tropical storm. And any severe thunderstorm you get has the same winds as a strong tropical storm. Calling something a tropical storm is scarier than a few thunderstorms in a row.

    It’s why I call a tropical storm, “a crappy day with a press agent”.

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