Tucker Carlson has done segments on Tuesday and Wednesday extolling the virtues of concealed carry in the city of Detroit.

I invite you to watch:

The average police response time for a high priority 911 call is 14.5 minutes.  That is the average, in poor neighborhoods, some people can wait for more than an hour for the police to respond.

Without a way to defend themselves, these people have little to no chance of being helped by the police.

While Detroit has its problems and is often picked on, it’s conditions are not unique.  Other major Democrat cities have the same issues on the “bad side of town” and have the same impending budget shortfalls that have caused Detroit to have one third the police the city needs.

Detroit is simply a glimpse 10-20 years into the future for many deep Blue cities.  Los Angeles is one that is starting to catch up.

What is unique is the Detroit Chief of Police acknowledging the problems and encourage concealed carry for self-defense.  I doubt many if any other Blue cities will do the same as their descent into perdition accelerates.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Tucker doing good things for CCW”
  1. And Rick Ector is a good man. I’ve known Rick for probably 10 years. He does FREE weekend shoots for the ladies, to introduce them to weapons handling.

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