Is a newborn racists? According to the left the answer is “yes”. If you are white, if you are “cis”, if you are male you are born hating.

This does not match reality. Nobody believes that a black man is any less capable of a white man. Nobody believes that a woman is any less intelligent than a man.

People have the opportunity, in these United States, to grow and become anything they are able to do.

This does mean that I don’t expect to see very many female lineman climbing poles and pulling heavy cables into place.

20 years ago you never saw a woman flagman, today they are common.

Regardless, people are not born hating others. They need to be taught to hate others. Sometimes that is done by the people you are with. All you have to do is visit an inner city community and you will quickly learn about hate. We’ve seen the videos of 5 year olds hating on a cop just because he is a cop.

He had to be taught that.

You are also taught to hate by the people that hate you. When a group constantly attacks you, you will learn to hate them.

So the question is: Who taught the left to hate?

P.S. I use the rhetorical “nobody…” to mean “not part of a third world shit hole country.” Yes, I know there are exceptions.

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By awa

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes”
  1. “20 years ago you never saw a woman flagman, today they are common.”
    They are common because the Federal Grants that usually fund major construction projects provide perks for contractors that have certain percentage of women working for them. It is part of their disadvantaged business incentives. It’s a way for a company to claim they are hiring women, without fighting for the handful of women that run equipment.
    As to the rest, no one is born racist, or hating. They are most certainly taught. Curiously, those that are most adamant that systemic racism exists are also the ones who think children have to be taught not to hate. It is a childish way to think, and leftists are nothing if not children.

    1. The ones most adamant that systemic racism exists, are right, because they are the ones upholding it. Affirmative action is nothing, if not systemic racism.

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