It is said that the rich go broke and eat like kings, they poor just starve.

Wealth is very relative. There are people in the US that have a late model car, housing, cell phones, air conditioning and central heating, eat in excess of 5000 KCal per day and we consider them “poor”. There are people in other countries that live in squalor that no “poor” american would put up with that are considered wealthy in their own location.

That man wearing a breechcloth with a bunch of shells on a necklace squatting by an open fire eating roast snake looks poor to most Americans. He might be the wealthiest person in his village with the ability to buy and sell wives however he wishes.

I’ve been poor and I’ve been “rich” and I’ve been poor again. The people of my small town think of our family as “wealthy” yet we struggle to make all of our bills (some of that is I’d rather purchase another rifle than a couple of cords of firewood)

Regardless, it is much easier to be without wealth and still have money in your pocket than it is to have no money.

Money makes the world go around.

As an extra I’ve included “If You Could See Her With My Eyes”. The movie takes place near the beginning of WWII. It depicts the venial violence and hate of the left (Nazi party) towards the Jewish people. In the movie they point out that these evil leftist monsters have no problem with his choice of girl, but the punchline makes it clear his real point.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes”
  1. Not economically accurate definitions, but they do a good job explaining what you are talking about.
    Rich is a measure of how many units of currency you control.
    Wealth is what you do with those units of currency.
    As an example, my $49 Timex gets me to my appointments just as well as the other guy’s $40,000 Rolex. My 27 year old car gets me to the appointments just as well as the other guy’s brand new euro sedan.
    One of the reasons why the “elites” are so adamant about imposing carbon taxes, and pushing $10/gal gas is because us proles are jetting around the world, and enjoying easy transportation, etc… and we are not rich! Those are luxuries that should be reserved for the elites, not the commons. But, wealth does not work that way.

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