A very informal count on my part shows about a 95% of respondents going with “Oh hell yes!”

However I encourage you t visit and laugh at the creative answers. Here are some examples:


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

19 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard asked a dumb question.”
  1. Simply to be fair, there’s a considerably number of Patriots, “trapped” in CA (ironically, the medical abbreviation for cancer….hmmm!), behind “enemy”lines, so to speak. They might be irritated to find themselves behind an adversary frontier, and, more irritating still, numerous of their countrymen applauding that transition.

    So, while I imagine several upsides, one glaring downside is a flagrant breach of the Ranger code, of “NOBODY! gets left behind!”

      1. Likey!

        OTOH, Aesop of Raconteur Report makes a compelling argument for a position of “not one single square inch!”. Perhaps analogous to the “gun control” enthusiasts, should we give CA the boot, on what basis do we conclude that Ms. Gabbard, or La Raza, or, really, anybody else, will have their avarice sated at that point?

        1. Hows about we do both?

          1. Give California to Mexico
          2. Exchange all illegals in the remainder of the US, for patriots in CA.

          After that’s done…

          3. As it’s no longer a part of the US, invade & conquer Nuevo Alta California. If Mexico complains, well … heh. Turn left, stop at Guatemala and Belize?
          4. Recognize Left-of-Vegasland as a a la Puerto Rico; do not readmit as a state. Do not allow residents of LoV to vote in national elections. Et cetera.

          1. So you’re willing to diminish your holdings to create a refugee camp for illegals and those hostile to you? It sounds daft.

            And when their avarice is not sated, you should continue with the same plan? That’s lunacy. More so, it’s dangerous because it would allow further encroachment on your territory while allowing the hostiles to regroup and gain strength.

    1. To expand on that, how about leave no land behind. Why should we give away our lands simply because it’s become occupied by commies? I say we take it back, by any means necessary.

      The rest of the country must understand that further compromise will result in more compromise. How much are you willing to give away because bit by bit, it will march across the country if not utterly defeated. No lands shall be given away, not even present day California. Given things away is the easy way out. Instead, we fight.

      1. That’s a noble idea, but strategically a bad idea. Why should I care about the land in California? Why should I care that its been taken over by crazies? Why should we waste precious resources attempting to take it over despite the population wanting to be crazy?

        I’ve never liked the idea of once bound always bound. In fact, the founding of our country is based on literally the opposite idea: once bound but free to go.

          1. To cede any point to the enemy is to strength the enemy. The commies have already said (circa 2012) that they want to create a ‘blue wall’ along the west coast. What do you suppose the results will be when CA is given up and abandoned? I assure you it won’t be peace and tranquility.

            It is not the state which desires to secede, it is only those few in state government. Other than blood shed, no precious resources are wasted. CA is a treasure of resources. Even blood shed to victory is not wasted. So let us strive for victory. Good grief, I find it difficult to distinguish between the naysayers of today from those who wished to stay loyalist to the tyrant King George.

      1. Oh yea its just so easy to move anywhere you want at any time. How could friends, family, jobs, mortgages, other obligations, etc possibly get in the way of that? Forget that it it may have been your home for decades or you have a connection that dates back longer and you might want to make it better, just move!

          1. Your’re right, what was I thinking! There is no legitimate reason anyone could have to want to stay in a less than “friendly” state.

            Those who don’t see a way or don’t want to move from their HOME or those who want to stay to try and right the wrongs clearly just lack the gumption to sack up and move! You’re right, it definitely takes more wherewithal to cut and run than stay and fight for your HOME.

            I bow to your powers of argument and reason, and the omniscience you posses to understand everyone else’s situation so clearly…

            *tips fedora*

  2. The left seems to forget that Syria (and Russia) also get a vote on Turkey’s expansion, and the Kurds aren’t interested in Erdogan’s plans to remove them and colonize the area.

  3. Well, it was the French who took Syria away from Turkey and made it an independent state in the first place.

  4. I always thought that since 10% of Mexicans live illegally in the US (10-12 mil illegals out of a population of 111 mil people) we deserve 10% of Mexican land. We should get the area of northern Mexico where there oil is.

    1. A one to one trade does not take into account the expenditures in monies spent on illegals, increased crime, and so on. I say the border be moved to the 23rd parallel (roughly the most southern tip of Texas) straight across to the Pacific Ocean with conditions.

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