Under The Gun producer will not be prosecuted.

No, I do not have an internal memo from somebody. It is just simply the truth. Members of the Gun Control camp can break Firearms laws with impunity because they know they will not only be spared prosecution but celebrated. David Gregory was caught live on TV with a knowingly forbidden magazine and nothing was done even after many called for prosecution. Bloomberg sent detectives to buy gun across state lines and we never saw anybody being indicted and never will. Are you seriously expecting that the administration that provided an unknown number of firearms to Mexican Drug Cartels will actually do something about firearms crimes committed by their PR machine? Wake the fuck up.

You and me? The smallest assumption of violation of firearms laws and we get burned inside our homes by the Federales.

Stephanie Soechtig and Katie Couric
Stephanie Soechtig and Katie Couric laughing at you.

3 Replies to “Under The Gun producer will not be prosecuted.”

  1. I completely agree. Unfortunately it will be the same with Hillary.

    *Side note: Might want to change this:

    … not only be prosecuted but celebrated…

    To this:

    … not only be spared prosecution but celebrated …

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