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The University of Florida Practical Pistol Team will be hosting our 1st annual fundraiser match this Sunday, October 20th. Everyone is welcome to come shoot or even just come hang out and enjoy the sport shooting atmosphere.

We will have lots of fun shooting games for you to try no matter what pistol you bring (nothing bigger than .45’s please)!

Glock, Springfield Armory, and Brownells have sponsored the match, so we have tons of awesome prizes for you to win!
Adams Rib’s will be catering the event.

$15 at the door will get you a run through all of our games and you can purchase extra runs! We will have leader boards up at each stage, so try to sweep them all!

Also, Glock has graciously given us a certificate good for any standard model (upgrades are available). We will be raffling it off at the end of the match, so stock up on your tickets!
$5 each or 5 for $20

Please bring a safe pistol, eye protection, ear protection, and a way of transporting your firearm (bag or holstered). Bring as much ammo as you care to shoot, but anticipate approx. 150 rounds to complete everything!

Time is not set yet, but right now we anticipate a 9AM registration, 9:45 safety brief, and a 10AM start!

Gainesville Target Range
1610 NW 65th Place, Gainesville, Florida 32653

If you are in the area, go and have fun.

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