Specifically, the Government’s allegations concentrate on the performance of the Holographic Weapon Sights at temperature extremes as well as in high moisture environments.  The Government also claims that EOTEch failed to disclose testing that demonstrated the inaccuracy issues in those environments.  In addition to naming L-3 and EOTech as defendants in the Government’s suit, they also named EOTech’s president, Paul Mangano which isn’t very common. They are seeking unspecified triple damages plus civil penalties of as much as $11,000 for each fraudulent claim.

What remains, is for L-3 to answer to domestic consumers, state and local governments as well as international customers.

Source: UPDATED – US Government Sues L3 Communications for Fraud Involving EOTech Sights – L3 Settles for $25.6 Million – Soldier Systems Daily

Damn, that is gonna leave a lot of butt hurt across the nation and in the interwebs.

Copy/paste from the lawsuit:

Since at least 2004, EOTech has been paid tens of millions of dollars primarily through its contracts with DoD to supply combat optical sights for use in close quarter urban combat as well as longer range target acquisition. EOTech represented to DoD that its sights performed in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and in humid conditions. EOTech also represented that it tested its sights in accordance with military standards to ensure that they met the advertised specifications. Those environmental performance Case 1:15-cv-09262 Document 1 Filed 11/24/15 Page 2 of 40 3 representations were important to the United States because U.S. troops used EOTech’s combat optical sights in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in the jungle, mountains, desert, and other extreme environmental conditions around the world.

Good news: If you live where it is not too cold or too humid, you are bound to get your guns all Red Dotted soon enough and for cheap.

Hat Tip to Randy C.

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3 thoughts on “US Government Sues EOTech Sights for Fraud.”
  1. Killed my first REV-F EOTech at a Steve Fisher class in 2005 or 6 (I think, not sure on the year for sure). Was a beautiful 20 degrees F outside. Sight was about a week old and had about 1000 rounds through it when it died while shooting “magazine monopod” prone at the end of the day. It was repaired under warranty, but never worked right after that.

    This really doesn’t surprise me at all based on my experience.

  2. Eotech sights are pretty much junk:

    They’re bulky, they’re heavy, the battery life absolutely sucks, and they break more often than something in their price tier should.

    Frankly, while the Eotech is great in theory, in practice it’s like most Chinese-made optics: it doesn’t live up to the specs, and the support when it breaks is nonexistent at worst/unsatisfactory at best.

    The market is flooded with similarly priced options from better companies: the Aimpoint PRO, and the Trijicon MRO just to name too.

    Additionally, Eotech has previously refused to warranty former military optics with “questionable” lineage, so it would be wise to stay away from all used Eotechs.

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