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9 thoughts on “Very cute TN Fall, very cute.”
  1. Only got down to 24 here, which is plenty cold enough for me – especially when I have to go outdoors at first light and make sure the chickens have liquid water.
    We had a couple of weeks of Indian Summer, about two days of Fall (including that leftover hurricane from Florida), and now suddenly it’s Winter.
    Apparently we’re now importing cut-rate weather from Manitoba. I think they mine the stuff at the North Pole, and get some sort of government subsidies for exporting it, so they can really undercut our own Gulf Coast states.

  2. Former Montanan here, and… uhm, we still got frost into June and by early September pretty regularly. In the city, mind you, not out in the toolies or up a mountain or the like. Generally, snow would be dropping in October, no later than Halloween (which is rather less fun candy-collecting when covered in wet snow). (This was sticking-around snow, not one-and-done.)

    Buddy of mine went to Gencon (gaming convention, in Milwaukee at the time) one August; came back and the neighbor kids had filled his yard with snowmen. :V

    Currently in Spokane WA, getting to high-teens/low-20s nowadays, but at least goddamn show hasn’t come back.


    (Two sloppy 3-2 inch days, but it warmed up during the days and most of the horrible white shit melted.)

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