J. Kb. sent me this:

The assailants were wearing police jackets, impersonating officers.

Video of the attack was captured by a security camera around 10:30 p.m. on Nov. 26.

The LAPD says the three victims were walking home.

When they went to open the front door, detectives say two attackers with guns confronted them, demanding money and wanting to get inside the home.

The group complied and let them in, where there were two more people inside.

Once they were in the home, three more suspects followed them.

Caught on video: 3 people robbed and beaten by suspects dressed as police | WKRC (local12.com)

Home is our sanctuary, so when we finally return to our abode, we feel we have reached the Finish line of a race and we want to immediately relax. Unfortunately, we go Condition White and drop our guard.

And that is what the bad guys count on.

Now you know that moment of arriving home is as dangerous as going tapdancing in the middle of a Bloods versus Crips turf challenge.  You do not relax till you are safely inside and double locked. You do nor approach home without carefully observing for something or somebody out of place. And if your gut starts to scream, pay attention and change the pattern, leave, make eye contact with the suspicious character as way of letting them know you know. Avoid the confrontation and call the cops. If you were mistaken, tough luck: you have been paying taxes for a long time an one call to the cops is well deserved. And do carry a decent tactical light to illuminate any and all dark places at night. Reduce the chances the bad guys have to approach you unnoticed by again, letting them know you know and the added bonus of leaving them blinded or with a reduced sight capability after you burned their retinas with 5,000 lumens (OK, at least 300 Lumens out of a Cree LED).

And, the bad news is that even that may not help you be totally safe. A crew of 6 people coming after you (5 attacker and surely a driver, possibly 2) is not an easy task to stop.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “Violence at the “Finish Line””
  1. He left with cash and money? Brilliant ‘reporting’.

    Good point on the situational awareness.

    Also good that regular folks can’t get a carry permit in LA County, so the robbers’ risk was minimal.

  2. Bad guys disguised as cops are a difficult problem. How do you defend yourself from those, given that actual cops — if they actually are real rather than fake — are likely to kill you dead if you resist, and even if you survive the DA is going to toss you in jail for the rest of eternity?

  3. Here in MN, the latest is the robbery crews are hitting well off Exurban neighborhoods like Minnetrista, Orono, and Mound.

    Usually two cars of 3-4 Juvenile Robbers Each. They break into a (locked or unlocked) car in the driveway at 2-5 AM, use the garage door opener or unlocked service door o get accesss to the garage, and the unlocked garage to the kitchen door to access the OCCUPIED house itself. So far the home invasions have been sneak thief burglaries, and none of the residents were harmed (so far). Many did not realize they were robbed until morning. The robbery teams often hit several houses in the same neighborhood the same night.


    The predators are looking for more lucrative prey farther afield now. These are 4th or 5th Ring suburbs which still have working farms in them. Too many are still thinking they are safe in their well off distant enclaves of Minneapolis, and don’t lock the doors because of the kids. They are not hitting the multi-acre estates and mansions (yet), but the lower to upper middle class neighborhood houses.

    These are literally the neighborhoods I grew up in. These are homes of my classmates, family and friends. I am afraid they will become bolder, more violent, and/or encourage copy cats too.

    Look out for this trend in your nice, safe outer suburb neighborhood too.

  4. And nobody is saying anything about the real issue here. Violent attack by blacks against whites. Why is this not a hate crime?

    1. And truthfully, I don’t give a damn about the color of the bastard I have shoot if he breaks in my house or attack me. I am pretty Rainbow Coalition when it comes to self defense.

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