A short while back I wrote a post The coming US Junta or O’Sullivan’s Law and the US Military.

While I agree that there are many patriotic Americans who join the military to serve this country and would defy any order that harms its citizens, I don’t think that describes our entire military.

Case in point, Vote Vets.

VoteVets is a Progressive political organization, emphasis on Progressive.

If you have not been following foreign affairs, protesters (what CNN calls violent Islamists) are storming the American embassy in Baghdad, with the backing of Iran, waving the flags of Iranian backed Islamist terrorist organizations.

This is how VoteVets responded to this news.

At Benghazi, four Americans, two of who were former Navy SEALs, were killed.

A Progressive veterans organization is giddy with the idea of American diplomatic personnel and servicemen just to for Trump to have some egg on his face.

Is this the esprit de corps of the US military?

What sort of veterans say, let alone think, “I hope my comrades overseas get killed to make Bad Orange Man look bad.”

What do you think such soldiers would do on the battlefield?

How quickly would these servicemen turn on civilians on the other side of the political aisle?

I don’t need the military to be a bastion of GOP voting Conservatives.  But “anything embarrasses Bad Orange Man, even the deaths of US troops at the hands of terrorists” is not an attitude that should exist in the ranks.

This is no different than the anti-gunners who are disappointed by a CCW taking out a shooter in a Texas church because a high body count mass shooting helps their anti-gun activism.

This does not bode well for the military.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “VoteVets confirms some of my fears”
  1. Okay, so they call themselves Vote Vets.

    Are they, in fact, vets?

    Stolen valor is a thing, after all.

    Edit: Aaaaaand they deleted the tweet. This is my shocked face.

    1. This Ain’t Hell has quite a bit about them.
      It appears they’re ‘vets’ the same way Shannon Watts is a ‘mom’.

  2. Vote Vets is a Soros front org, and is less authentic than John Kerry’s military service.
    Don’t let them fool you into thinking they’re a real voice.

  3. If they’re a legit group I unfortuantly cant say they’re unique. Mostly among diversity scholarship applicants, fresh outta college butter bar ivy league types, and the ROTC kids that are only alive because their instructors are forbidden from beating the commie out of them or reporting on the little douchebags.

    Some go in cause daddy did it and follow in his backstabbing closed circle officer club cult of personality that results in cases like the SEAL who was railroaded or any other case of some jackwagon feeling like their opinion trumps law and history. Others do their time in some college for ROTC and become inundated with all the progressive crude until it starts to stick and we get essays on military history like “America’s roll in stifling indigenous self government in northern Vietnam ” (I wish I was kidding)

    While it isnt a majority by any means the military of yestur-year is gone and if you look at it without the rose colored classes you’ll see the signs in your time too.

    I have nothing but love and pride in our armed service men and women but that means lifting up the board and seeing all the insects underneath. Drugs, abuse, fraud, cronyism, smuggling and organized crime, we need to fix it now unless we some day find ourselves as France: a once great military power brought low by an officer and leadership Corp more concerned with setting up their retirement and political life than having the capability to pub stomp a near peer or peer foe.

  4. I am absolutely sure there are people serving in the military that absolutely hate Trump, and would love to see Bernie/Warren/AOC policies become a reality. No doubt in my mind.

    But, what percentage of the military do they actually represent? 1%? 5%?

    Do not be fooled by the marketing. Just because you have the loudest voice does not mean you have the biggest backing.

  5. I’ve commented before about the uncritical canonization of veterans. All vets aren’t created equal, and there are quite a few vets who were quite happy living in a closed, top-down society where their rights were curtailed, and don’t understand why we can’t be happy living in one, too. In addition, there are criminal veterans (the gangbanger who was an active-duty Marine and used his skills to ambush and murder two cops in California comes to mind) and terrorist/treasonous vets (like the SF sergeant who trained Al Qaeda).
    Possession of a DD-214 doesn’t automatically make someone one of the good guys. After all, the ranks of veterans include Lee Harvey Oswald, Charles Whitman, Bowe Bergdahl, and Pfc. Manning.

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