Breaking the cycle of violence has posed a major challenge for law enforcement. Many times, witnesses fear retaliation for cooperating with police. Sometimes, the only witnesses are suspected killers themselves. Other times, rival gangs dispense their own street justice before cops can make criminal cases.

Spurred by a spike in shootings late last year, Miami-Dade detectives — working with counterparts in surrounding cities and federal agents — have quietly created a task force aimed at cracking down on the worst thugs.

The early results, Miami-Dade police say, have been encouraging. Investigators have reopened a slew of unsolved non-fatal shooting cases, while arresting 15 suspects considered among the most violent offenders on various charges, including weapons counts

via Ganging up on the gangs: Police ramp up efforts to curb North Miami-Dade shootings – Miami-Dade –

If you have lived for any length of time in South Florida, you will have noticed that the word “Gang” is noticeable absent from any media report. This is besides the tradition of not giving the description of the subjects other than a generic age-range and God forbid you should mention the neighborhood. Drug-related crime? Why certainly you jest!  In fact, if you live in Oregon but are a fan of the TV Show The First 48, you were mote attuned to the Gang related murders than your average inhabitant of Miami-Dade County

Trapped in their politically correct conibears, the Intelligentsia needed to find a patsy to blame for the failure to address the killings and those are of Course the NRA, Gun Owners and Stand Your Ground Laws.  At least it is good to see that finally some among the Powers That Be have decided to do some tackling of the problem and go after culprits instead of blaming an “easy” political target.

Of course, this new crusade will last only as long as certain members of “Civil Rights” decide it is time to start tossing Race Cards like they were free drink coupons to strip joints.

The we will go back to blame the blameless… and let people die. Much better political business that way


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

3 thoughts on “Wait, what do you mean there are gangs in Miami-Dade?”
  1. I cancelled my satellite and The First 48 is the only show I really miss. It really shows how stupid most criminals and especially gang members are.

  2. Gangbangers will make up shit just to itimidate you and take your money the easiest way possible. Some gangs have new recruits kill an innocent person as an initiation. YES I have been targeted ,as of 2 years ago I “owe” these twits some x amount of a trillion $. Thes guys are not too bright…………

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