None of that happened with my gun, of course, but after every new mass shooting, I’m reminded that I, as a responsible gun owner, bear a portion of the responsibility for our nation’s gun violence…

…My gun is being used to argue against doing anything to even try to reduce gun violence in our nation. That’s what being a responsible gun owner means now — I’m responsible…

…The Monday after the shootings, I disassembled my Ruger, clamped the pieces in a vise and cut them in half with an angle grinder. I sent the proper paperwork in to the state to report it destroyed.

Source: I’m a responsible gun owner, so I destroyed my gun – Steve Elliot- The Washington Post


Well, I don’t see him cutting his penis off, so it is a good (liberal) guess that he is all for women being raped, right?

Come on Steve, you can do it. Imagine how well the gesture will be received, how much it will advance the feminist cause and the fight against sexual violence in this country.


If it stops just one rape!

chopping block

Hat Tip: Gregg T.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

18 thoughts on “Washington Post’s Steve Elliot supports Rape Violence.”

    That is pure Gold. Miguel, that rates right up there with your Colosseum and lions post. I hope you put that in the comments section of the article. Not that all the head-nodders will get the point, but its worth a try.

        1. Short version: Grail-Kun’s solution to everything involves combining a kitchen knife with the problem.

          For more, this is the best I can do without telling you to watch about 36 hours of B+ to A- rank anime that might not really be your thing. I really only watch anything from Type-Moon because everyone(by which I mean EVERYONE) I know watches it. That said, it does have its moments.(Alexander the Great kills every assassin in history all at once for interrupting his drinking party with Gilgamesh and King Arthur.)

  2. Shorter: “I am Steve Elliot and my home is now undefended so I can take the left wing moral high ground.”

      1. God forbid anything bad happens to his wife or daughters (is he has any) because he failed to do his duty as a man/husband/father and protect his family.

        1. He’s not much of a man/husband/father if he is disarmed by his own choice due to misplaced convictions. His convictions won’t be of much use if something happens to them. His poor wife made a very unwise decision marrying this wuss.

    1. He’s in Californistan, so all the guns are registered, and if the “authoritahs” ever dropped by for an inspection and found one missing he’d be in for a world of hurt.

      I share that confusion. I didn’t pull the trigger, I didn’t give the killer the gun or the ammo, and I wasn’t there (to attempt to stop him, before OR during the attack). I had no part in it, and I bear no responsibility. The only thing I’m guilty of is defending my rights from those who’d revoke them based on an incident in which I played no part, directly or indirectly.

  3. If he was truly a responsible gun owner then he would of never destroyed a gun,he would have made sure it was ready to make sure this would never happen to him or his.I think he is some anti gun jerk trying to make a joke of responsible gun owners,but to me he just pressed our point home harder.Idiots with guns are dangerous and shouldn’t have one.There lies the problem we have not guns but idiots.

    1. To be fair, if he’s going to be an irresponsible gun owner, as any anti-gun nut is likely to be, I’d prefer he voluntarily go unarmed. We’ve all ready how violent his kind can be.

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