I read AWA’s post Feeling Down Post Election.

I’m going to take a different tack on this.

We are officially a post-election nation.  Elections no longer define our political future.

In a representative democracy, the people pick their leaders.  The election is the formal system by which that idea is carried out.

When the system works, each side or candidate presents arguments as to why they believe they will be best for the country and the people weigh each argument thrn vote.

That system is dead, except perhaps, in the state of Florida.  I’ll get back to Florida in a second.

We can argure how America has gotten to polarized, but I’m not buying that.  It may have, but that’s not the sole cause of the problem.

The Democrats have learned that election fuckery is more important than trying to convince voters they are the better choice.

Understand that I use the term fuckery to describe a whole gamut of things, that may include Illegal acts, but not everything they do is illegal.

I’d argume that most aren’t.  It behooves them to keep the illegal acts to a minimum so as not to get caught.

So let’s get into the legal fuckery.

Early voting is one of the worst offenders.

I fundamentally do not understand the purpose of early voting.  It’s like calling a horse race before it’s over.  If you called the 1973 Belmot Stakes in the first turn, Sham is the winner.

We saw a lot of people say had they known about the Hunter Biden laptop story before the election, they wouldn’t have voted for Joe Biden.

In 2022, more that half of Democrats voted for Fetterman before his disastrous debate with Dr. Oz.

Voting before a debate or before any “October surprise” has occurred is wrong.  It’s legal but shouldn’t happen.  Fuckery.

Ballot harvesting, correcting ballots, and everything that occurs during the days and weeks between the end of election night and when certain states or cities release their totals is fuckery.

The fuck-up in Maricopa County that discouraged voters is fuckery.

People can say “Dr. Oz was a bad candidate” but how bad was he compared to a retarded sentient houseplant that he lost fair and square without fuckery?

I believe that 2016 was the last election that mattered.

Hillary Clinton lost and the Democrats decided that leaving picking leaders up to voting wasn’t working for them and the only way to ensure victory was through fuckery.

The 2020 election was win through fuckery.

Social media hiding the Hunter Biden story until after votes, especially early voting, was in was fuckery.

The media complex and FBI pushing the fraudulent Russian Collusion story was fuckery.

There was no way Joe Biden won without fuckery.

And now we get back to Florida.

Florida was almost won by Andrew Gillum because of fuckery, but DeSantis came out on top.

I mentioned in a previous post that he flipped Miami-Dade by 28 points and won West Palm Beach.

But now I wonder how much he actually flipped them versus how much fuckery was stacked against him in 2018, and how much of his margin of victory was just the elimination of fuckery.

And with DeSantis winning by such a margin, we’re seeing the Left say that he won by cheating and how Florida needs it’s voting laws changed.

No, they want to reinstate fuckery in Florida to take it back.

So that is where we are.

From here on out, national elections, and many (almost all) battleground state elections will be decided by fuckery.

We are no better off than Banana Republics.

Honestly, I find the current situation unfathomable otherwise.

We have the highest inflation in generations, record high food prices, record high energy prices, a housing market that is a bubble filled with TNT, a stock market that has wiped out over a trillion dollars in people’s retirement, the collapse of America as a super power on the global stage, and a president with an approval rating in the 30s.

Half of Americans say they are worse off now than they were in 2021 and the majority of Americans are pessimistic about America’s economic future.

And yet the American people voted to give Biden and his party majority controll of the Congress.

I cannot believe this happened without fuckery.

It’s not obvious enough that significant social upheaval will occur.

We’re just in this political limbo between where our system is too broken for the system to fix it and the utter violent collapse of our system.

Look, I’m hopeful that DeSantis runs against Joe Biden in 2024.  And if he wins I’ll eat my words.

Buy I’m terrified that polling will have DeSantis up by 20+% over Biden, Florida will vote for go 60+% for DeSantis, and Biden will win the presidency with every swing state going 52-48 for Biden because of fuckery.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “We are a post-election nation”
  1. Until We the People put a stop to it, it will continue…. All this “shut down oil and coal”, “the democrat won” will continue until pussy gop members grow some balls. Meanwhile We the People need to surround ourselves with like minded people and live our life.

  2. J.Kb. I’m with you 100% on this post. But I would like to point out that there are only two main elements of “Fuckery” that enable its success; one: main in ballots, which was made legally possible due to a plandemic, and two: early voting, extended voting, anything but voting on election day, by a citizen with legal I.D. It is these two elements of todays’ voting system which enable legal fraud to take place.

    To fix this, will never be possible in a 50-State Republic. There are enough liberal leftist-controlled states to maintain a legal precedence, which in turn effects what can occur in non-leftist controlled states. And in swing states there is enough liberal leftist to maintain the two main elements needed for “Fuckery” which negates the states which have eliminated it.

    The only way to fix it, (which is not possible, as planned by leftist) is to make a national holiday, Election Day, and count only the votes cast on that federal holiday. Absent tee ballots as currently designed would remain intact. The Federal Government should also provide incentives for companies to provide pay for all employees who voted. Hell….why not even pay minority voters a bonus for voting, paid for by the American Taxpayers. Ok…enough of my fantasy, back to reality….we are fucked.

    1. You had me till the pay the stupid class to vote, then you lost it. There are enough stupid people already voting that don’t have ANY skin in the game, just takers from the government tit, we don’t need to pay more morons to get involved.

      1. My fault, I should have used (sacr) tags to identify my sarcasm. I certainly agree with you EN2 SS, but my point is, the liberal leftist will NOT even agree to government incentives designed to increase a legitimate voting system, even if you bribe them to participate in a one-day election event in person at their local voting precinct. And the reason they won’t agree to it, is because they know that a liberal leftist can’t win in a 50-state constitutional republic electoral college system of democracy.

  3. “The Democrats have learned that election fuckery is more important than trying to convince voters they are the better choice.”
    Summarized: Ballots are more important than votes.
    First of all, I do not want more people to vote.
    I want more informed people to vote.
    And, there is no test or standard that can be put in place to ensure the voter is well informed. I will not stand up to any legal scrutiny.
    Instead, we must rely on human nature to weed out the lazy uninformed idiots that continue to elect our “representatives.” The easiest and best way to do this is limit or eliminate entirely early voting. Election day should not be weeks long. Get rid of, in its entirety, no-excuse mail in voting. Unless you have a verifiable reason, you vote in person, end of story. 100% voter ID required. It is obvious by now that claims of racism are BS.
    The leftists are chasing ballots, not votes. And, they are playing human nature to get them. The average person who is more interested in the latest Netflix show than what the government is doing will vote for whomever makes it easier, or has the slickest advertising, or is recommended by their union, etc… See more signs on the ride home for the democrat, and you will vote for the democrat. It is really all about that.
    The left does not have to hack into the machine code to alter votes, or use 2000 mules. All they have to do is deliver a ballot to every house and make it easy for the lazyasses to drop it off.

  4. I love the absolute stone faced total lack of logical consistency of an article in the msm that I saw saying be careful shipping packages via USPS this holiday season theft and delay is possible but if it were election related or a ballot, nope USPS practically teleports your mail instantly and there is no possible chance for fuckery why would you think that you racist scum.

    Honestly I think 99.99999% of the problem is a compliant msm and social media. They gave up being the disruptor in favor of gaining real power and becoming the next for of government, fascist corporate governance.

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