Well, for us is cold! (Updated)


Even the National Weather Service acknowledges it that it gives us a Wind Chill Factor and everything.  I know you people in northern latitudes are laughing, but day before yesterday we were at 87 degrees. 30+ degrees drop is not something our bodies take in stride.

I am already wearing a thick t-shirt inside the house. Gym socks may be involved if I have to step outside.

Buddy Sal F. just posted this meme in Facebook and it is absolutely true:

5 Replies to “Well, for us is cold! (Updated)”

  1. I remember visiting Tampa when it was 32 degrees. The hotel restaurant had no heat, and brought out the evening candles for our breakfast in hopes of warming it slightly. Our boss spent 19 hours sitting and sometimes flying from Moline Illinois. Their jet wouldn’t start in the 20 below zero weather.

    I swear one of the warnings was to look out for falling lizards?

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