However, Duke University Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Jeff Swanson cautioned that the link between gun violence against others and diagnosable mental health is, in fact, very small. “Twenty-eight percent of gun-disqualifying records are related to mental health,” he said. “But only 4 percent of those who commit gun violence have a serious mental illness. If we waved a magic wand and eliminated all diagnosable mental health problems, we’d have 96 percent of the same gun violence.”

via Gun panel aims for ‘gun violence restraining order’ | Crosscut.

This was a panel discussion Friday by a group called the Consortium for Risk-Based Firearm Policy at an undisclosed location by the article, but probably Washington State. They were arguing the pros and pros of California’s “gun violence restraining order” and this Professor apparently jumped the fence and pretty much shook the excuse of mental illness to ban guns to the ground.

I call it embarrassing because the Consortium for Risk-Based Firearm Policy turns out to be a pseudo think-tank of our friends at the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence via their Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence. I figure they were not expecting Dr. Swanson to get off the reservation or that it was recorded for posterity.

Damned Internet!

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  1. But, but, but… “if it saves just one life”! [/sarc]

    LOL! That’s good news! A “science” person practicing actual science on the gun issue! 🙂

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