Every Democrat Governor: “A spring break conference in West Palm Beach? That won’t make me look like a raging hypocritical asshole at all. It will be fun.”

I’m not sure if I want DeSantis to have the FHP detain them and deport them or swagger into the conference and make them all kiss his ass.

I hope every Right wing independent journalist is there to capture pictures of the Democrat governors unmasked and all the waitstaff and others masked.

I want to see the political ads from that.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “What assholes!”
  1. IMHO, Gov. DeSantis should have the place of this DemonKKKrat shindig surrounded & monitored all the time by police and security to have severe enforcement of DemonKKKrat covidiot code: 24×7 masks (K95 only, no alternatives allowed), cancel all parties and good gatherings as they should stay in their rooms in quarantine for 1 week at least (they are arriving from out of state after all and we don’t know what cooties they bring 😉 ), 6′ space between people sitting or standing, must have their covidiot shots passport up to date with the 3 shots, etc.
    Those who don’t comply are turned back and sent packing back to their libtard “utopias.”

    Just a thought or two. 😀

  2. Hello Mr. FBI Agent. We really do not allow that kind of talk around here. Why don’t you change into your polo shirt and tight khaki shorts and go rub dicks with your fellow agents?

    Thank you

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