Sometimes the universe just delivers.

Do you see?

If you are a lesbian and you do not agree to date and have sex with this biological male, you are a stupid, unsophisticated, bigot.

That is textbook emotional abuse and manipulation.

Add in the threat of social media cancel culture and this gets even worse.

Any person who is pressured into acquiescing to this person’s sexual advances has been raped through coercion.

This person is a sexual predator and emotional abuser.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “What did I say, literally this morning, on this very topic”
  1. For several years I had a next-door neighbor who was bisexual. She always invited us to her parties, where we met many people from the gay/ lesbian/ etc. community.
    My wife and I were the token normies, I guess, but the point is these folks were all nice people who wouldn’t dream of this kind of coercion. Just the opposite, in fact.
    These tranny bullies are, I believe, taking advantage to force sex they couldn’t get otherwise, being generally distasteful people. The point for them isn’t so much the sex as it is the dominance. They deserve to be treated as one would any other rapist.

    1. The same? As in rip their throats open and shit down their windpipe? That same? Then the wood chipper? I’m in.

  2. Wow! That ticking time bomb tock just woke me up! Now I get it! Such a realization – my whole perspective has changed!

    My life has been such a meaningless sea of despair because I — well, I didn’t know that putting the lime in the coconut was was transphobic behavior!

    Holy crapola! I’m transphobic! I realize that now because I have been sung to by an ugl.. by a mad queen with a dick!

    Thank you, mad queer queen or whatever your name it, you have made me see the light!

    This is a game changer for sure!

  3. A number of lesbians I’ve known dislike men and choose to be with other women because of past abusive relationships. Sometimes with their fathers, uncles, brothers, or other male family members, and sometimes peers, bosses, or intimate partners.

    It’s kind of a cliche, I know, but it wouldn’t have become a cliche if it hadn’t actually happened.

    Now, this trans-bully wants to coerce lesbians into penetrative sex because of how traumatic it is to be rejected because of his plumbing. Nevermind how traumatic it is for those who’ve been abused in the past to be coerced into reliving it for the trans-bully’s own pleasure.

    As others have put it, this is like any other rape. It’s not about sex, it’s about power. It’s about coercion and dominance.

    It’s about control.

    And I don’t care who you are, nobody should have that level of control over another person.

    1. Well, now, I think we should exert lots of wood chipper control over Evil, even Evil (especially) trannies like this POS.

  4. And the implied threat. If he ever gets power…. Wood-chippers?. Too quick. Cheese grater starting w the toes. On live TV. To encourage the rest.

  5. Again, I am a fan of the single 22 LR behind the ear. Quick, simple, relatively frugal, less noise, less drama.

    Even if you support retributive justice, there ought to be something to be said for higher throughput, in my view.

    1. At point blank range, a .22 short is also effective. And quieter. Protect your hearing. Just good safety advice.

  6. So, I’m an “—ist” or a “”—phobe” who is practicing “—ism” because I reject your particular perversion? Got it. No thanks, I’d refer to stay on this side of the psychological normality fence.

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