Things I didn’t have on my 2024 Bingo card is the Democrat former Congresswoman from Hawaii becoming a tactical games gun bunny.


A Son’s of Liberty rifle and a Staccato 2011?

That is some damn expensive, top-tier gear.

I guess losing a presidential race and becoming a talking head on TV pays well.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “What is going on”
  1. Saw in another post that she took second in the Women’s 40+ category.
    While I still don’t trust her (an O-5 and Congresscritter from Hawaii who was a Democrat until 2022 . . . just feels like something is up), she definitely went full send signing up for a Tactical Games match.

    1. Yeah, me, too. I want to see what’s behind the curtain before I trust her, and even then I’d be blowing smoke to detect invisibles. Somehow just a bit queasy.

  2. I agree with ragner, I do not trust her… yet.
    The reason she broke from the Dems is supportable in my eyes. They drifted too far to the woke, progressive, and looking at some of the legislation she introduced/supported, it was a lot more middle of the road than most democrat BS. Is she conservative? Not by a long shot, but is she a liberal one could work with, I kind of think so.
    I would be curious to see what her podcast is all about. See if it is screaming liberal, or more classic liberal. I can deal with classic liberal, not the new ones that have co-opted that name/title over the last 50 years.

    1. I always though Tulsi had a lot to like politically except the her stance on guns. For me it was a very if you were super pro gun I can overlook out differences elsewhere. Hope she changes, I remain optimistic.

  3. I didn’t recognize her with the shades and not being able to see her hair streak.

    Looks hotter in that kit, though. 🥰 That covers too much to be a “gun bunny”. 😉

  4. Typical politician, owns (or borrowed) and shoots an assault rifle, she was prepared to ban just a few short years ago. Then there are the high capacity magazines she wanted to get rid of. Still untrustworthy!

  5. I don’t trust her, and it’ll take a LOT more than posting pics at a shooting match to earn my support. Plenty of Democrats like shooting sports and have zero qualms about keeping you out of them. “Rules for thee, not for me” meets “I’ve got mine.”
    She may have a nice AR rifle, but I still think she’d vote to ban yours.

  6. don’t hate the player J.kb, hate the game… she’s got on less than $8k worth of kit, you can’t even get a base model compact car or even a low end Rolex for that price. In this game, she’s still a poor. And hell no, I don’t trust anyone who would try to usurp my right to bear arms. Ever. Only crooks and crooked governments would do that.

  7. What was her voting record in Congress? And in her political positions before Congress?

    Random thought – does Hawai’i even allow her to own those guns?

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