First time debuting in the blog we have Americans for Responsible Solutions. ARS is spearheaded by the Barbie and Ken of Gun control, Gabby (I was for gun rights  till I found out I could make more money in Gun Control) Giffords and her husband (Mark (David Bowie ought to make a song about me) Kelly. To celebrate their first official mention in the blog, let’s try this one for size:

ARS Iowa BG checks



I checked and if I am not way off the mark, Iowa has a funky system to buy firearms: You basically need a permit from the government to go buy a sidearm from a FFL. This Iowa permit demands you get a background check in order for the permit to be issued. There is not such requirement for long guns.

Now, unless there is something I am missing, Iowa permit or not, when you go to a gun shop to buy a gun, you still have to go through the background check, form 4473, etc. The bill simply wants the state permit to be eliminated since you still have to go through a background check at stores and gun shows, in other words, let’s get rid of an unnecessary redundancy.

But according to Ken und Barbie Gun Control World, Iowa would sell guns to anybody without any type of background checks…which at least over this side of the planet (and probably yours) is a lie.

But it is OK as they are allowed to lie you just make sure you send your cash donation to Americans for Responsible Solutions.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “What is one more lie when the cause is so worthy?”
  1. In Iowa, you have to have either a permit to purchase or carry to buy a handgun. The permit can also be used to buy long guns without the FFL calling NICS. They want to do away with the permit to purchase. If they do that, the dealer will have to call in your handgun purchase unless you have a permit to carry. The permit to purchase is a holdover from the Jim Crow days, giving the sheriff the power to decide who is “allowed” to purchase a handgun.

    Once Iowa went to shall issue in 2011, the purchase permit was nothing but a revenue generator for the counties. Most people that have a permit, now have a carry permit*. Good for 5 years and covers all of your background checks. I very rarely have to call in.

    *Iowa does not have concealed carry. We have a permit to carry weapons. The word concealed doesn’t appear anywhere on the paperwork or the permit its self. Even here in Des Moines you see people from time to time open carrying. Not a eye is batted, usually. I have open carried a few times, usually on my way to the range. I stop at the local stop and rob to get drinks and no one says a word.

    1. Robert beat me to it.

      All the bill is going to do for background checks is increase them, since we won’t have to get the Jim Crow purchase permit, or have a carry permit. I haven’t had a NICS check called in for 12 years, once I was old enough to buy handguns, and needed the permit (since I would have already passed a more thorough check by the Sheriff).

      When folks mention how many firearms have been sold by citing NICS, I laugh a little inside, since anyone in Iowa who’s into guns, or just wanted to buy a handgun in the last year won’t be on the count of NICS checks.

    2. I just moved to Omaha and discovered it is the same stupid crap this side of the river too. Before that I was in Illinois, and they have the FOID system which applies to handguns, long guns, and ammo. I have to say, between the two the FOID was better, it is good for 10 years and can be mailed in. That I have to go to the sheriff’s office for my permit is a load of BS.

  2. To be fair to the former Senator, I doubt she’s compus mentus anymore, I haven’t seen an interview with her that wasn’t her asshole husband strongly pulling her strings.

    Who knows, maybe she was always keeping his crazed authoritarian views in check until suddenly he was in the position of power in the houshold, and he found that her name could print money if he abused it correctly.

    From all I can tell about her past records and speeches. Sen Giffords was one of the last reasonable non-“Progressive” Democrats in this country.

    Also as somebody who sat through all the pre-surgical talks and diagnostics when my wife had brain surgery, the parts that she got shot in are all the wrong places you want to get damaged. (Left Frontal and Left Temporal)

    Thankfully my wife’s issues were in the left temporal side, and any difference in her abilities post surgery have been trivial, and the differences to her personality was ZERO.

    You can’t say the same about Giffords both form observations, and from knowing the pathology of her injury.

    1. To be fair to the former Senator,

      So for how long do we give her an exception? If she is mentally incompetent and is being used by her husband for profit, then he should be brought up in charges. If not, her bloody shirt has long faded and I will be balanced on my treatment of her as in anybody else.

      1. I little know fact about the Giffords shooting. If not for the fact that she was a Representative (not Senator) she would have been dead right there. Since she was a member of the ruling class, she was immediately airlifted to Phoenix and was attended by the very best surgeons the government could find.

        While she was there, they installed a hole in her back so Kelly would have a place for his hand. I noticed when she testified before congress, just before she answered,Kelly was whispering in her ear. No doubt telling her what to say. After being a officer in the Naval service, he should be ashamed. He’s a oath breaker of the highest degree.

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